Soleil — La Biosthétique sun care

Highly effective protection against UV damage, pampering care textures and the summery, sensual scent make Soleil the ideal skin and hair care for carefree sun enjoyment.
Soleil transforms the “must” of sun protection into pure enjoyment. Uncomplicated application, enjoyable textures and the unique scent of the protective sprays, lotions and creams free you from the dilemma between desire and reason. The ten skin and four hair products offer La Biosthétique’s obvious advantages of scientifically based, cleverly formulated high-tech cosmetics with valuable natural active ingredients.

A complex of sunflower seeds and natural antioxidants from rice and rosemary protect against UV damage and reduce any damage that has already occurred. Depending on how they work, state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly UV filters, a tanning activator, moisturizing, soothing and nourishing substances complement the summery, light formulas and make Soleil the ideal skin and hair care for everyone who doesn’t want to take any risks with their appearance or health when enjoying the sun.

A complex of sunflower seeds and natural antioxidants from rice and rosemary neutralizes the free radicals caused by UV radiation and has both a preventative and repairing effect. Photostable UV filters cover the entire UVA/UVB spectrum and do not contribute to coral bleaching. This is what the Coral Safe logo stands for on the products.

Soleil — The scent

Behind the unmistakable Soleil fragrance is Geza Schön, one of the most creative German perfume designers with an international reputation. The sensually fresh composition conjures up the lightheartedness of summer in your hair and skin. In the top note, a fruity, tangy cocktail of lime, orange, mandarin, bergamot and galbanum exudes pure joy of life.

The heart note of the fragrance combines the bright blue sky with a floral bouquet of rose, orange blossom, tuberose, water lily, jasmine, freesia and orchid. In the base, deliciously creamy vanilla and tonka meet the addictive sensuality of benzoin, patchouli, sandalwood and cedarwood to round off the facets of summer.

Soleil — Protects skin, hair and the environment

For La Biosthétique, tolerance is more than just a matter of skin. The environmental compatibility of the active ingredients used is just as important an aspect as their performance. That’s why we continually invest in the research and development of sun protection products. All UV filters are evaluated according to strict, independent criteria for their optimal protective function for skin and hair as well as their environmental compatibility. Only filter combinations that meet these requirements without compromise are used. The external expression of this claim is the Coral Safe logo with which the Soleil Sun Care products are identified. It stands for the avoidance of the UV filters oxybenzone and octinoxate, which are suspected of damaging coral reefs harm and contribute to coral bleaching. This means that Soleil Sun Care products are compliant with the Hawaiian Reef Law, which came into force on January 1, 2021.

Soleil – Before the sun


By accelerating skin pigmentation and stimulating melanin production, the lotion promotes the natural tanning process. The tan becomes wonderfully intense and even in a short time, while an active complex of natural radical scavengers and vitamin E acetate protects the skin from light-induced aging. Skin-identical minerals provide moisture, the biomimetic basis brings all active ingredients optimally into the skin and ensures not only the highest effectiveness but also very good tolerability. The perfect preparation for carefree moments in the sun.


For a completely natural and customized tan, simply mix a few drops of the self-tanning concentrate with your usual moisturizer. As soon as it is applied, the natural active ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA) reacts. with the proteins and amino acids of the top layer of skin and tans it gently. Vegetable sugar alcohols regulate the moisture content of the skin so that the newly acquired tan appears radiantly beautiful. For a healthy, even result whenever your complexion can stand a kiss of sunshine.

Soleil — During the sun


From the first moment of spraying, the waterproof and transparent spray effectively protects the skin from sunburn with the combination of state-of-the-art UV filters. The sun care spray is not limited to the surface of the skin, because the active ingredient complex made from sunflower seeds, natural antioxidants and rosemary extract counteracts sun-related skin aging at the cellular level. A tanning activator gives an intensive, long-lasting tan, the nourishing oil texture and the sensual summer scent make sunbathing perfect.


The waterproof milk is ideal for people who are prone to sunburn and have sensitive, pale skin. But also for sun worshipers with skin that tans easily and who want to protect themselves from the negative effects of intense sunlight with a combination of the latest UV filters. The complex of sunflower seeds, natural antioxidant and rosemary extract counteracts light-induced skin aging and chronic light damage at the cellular level. A tanning activator gives the skin a particularly intense, long-lasting tan, which is beautifully highlighted thanks to the creamy, quickly absorbed care texture.


The creamy Sun Care Lotion SPF 50 nourishes and protects the skin in the sun and ensures a safe, delicate tan. The waterproof milk is fragrance-free and is ideal for people with very fair skin that is prone to redness. A combination of particularly effective UV filters protects the skin from sunburn and redness. The selected filters are characterized by a very high protective effect and are not suspected of damaging the coral reefs. While the skin’s surface is safely protected from the damaging effects of sunlight, a complex of sunflower seeds, natural antioxidant and rosemary extract counteracts photoaging and chronic photodamage at the cellular level. Sun Care Lotion SPF 50 is pampering proof that comprehensive sun protection and beautiful, delicately tanned skin are not a contradiction.


With its balanced complex of UVA and UVB filters, which act on the skin immediately after application, the practical stick enables quick and effective sun protection even on the go, especially on exposed and sensitive skin areas. The waterproof cream texture and a delicate vanilla aroma make it pleasant to use even on the lips. The non-whitening formula with nourishing vitamin E, jojoba oil and berry wax leaves nothing but supple, completely protected skin and a silky, soft feeling.


The latest generation of UVA and UVB filters offer highly effective sun protection; the active complex of sunflowers, antioxidants and rosemary fights free radicals, forms intelligent cell and DNA protection and deeply counteracts light-induced skin aging. Quickly absorbed care substances keep the skin supple and provide it with lasting moisture. The neutral-scented cream can be combined with any day care product, can be applied as effortlessly as an oil, does not whiten, shine or stick and is proven to be suitable for sensitive skin types.


Because its water-repellent formula attaches directly to the hair structure, Sun Care Conditioning Spray acts as a quick protector and rescuer. Sunflower polyphenols have both a preventive and regenerating effect against UV damage, and UV filters increase protection against bleaching rays. An ester complex and a nourishing polymer revitalize stressed hair with elasticity, suppleness and shine. Immediately after spraying, the hair is completely nourished, protected from the damaging effects of the sun and has a sensual summer scent.


The non-aerosol hair lacquer spreads extra finely, dries quickly and keeps every style weightlessly in shape. Water-repellent UVA and UVB filters protect the sensitive keratin layer of the hair, and an integrated care factor provides additional protection and shimmering shine. For versatile and creative summer looks Sun Care Styling Lacquer can be used on both dry and slightly damp hair. As soon as it has been sprayed on, the hair is protected from weather-related drying out and color loss and the look sits reliably.