Sivert Høyem (Madrugada) mit neuem Video „Devotional“

Das Video betont mit stimmungsvollen Bildern die Intensität und Atmosphäre des Songs und begeistert mit einer besonderen Tanz-Performance von Grete Brunvoll, mit 90 Jahren eine der ältesten Ballerinas der Welt: „We shot the video at the now abandoned Deichman Hovedbibliotek, Oslo’s old main library, just before Christmas. The most important thing for us was to make something that matched the mood and pace of the song. I think the space contributes greatly to the atmosphere, not to mention Grete Brunvoll, the 90 year-old ballerina, who came in and just blew us all away. I had to lose my beard for the bit with the scary white face, which freaked my kids out at first. I’m growing it back now and it’s never going off again.“

Mit „Devotional“ zeigt Høyem nicht nur, was für ein meisterhafter Songwriter er ist, der Song erhält auch den musikalischen Beitrag des großen norwegischen Jazztrompeters Nils Petter Molvær, der die Traumlandschaft mit seinem unverkennbaren Sound färbt. Høyem erzählt:

„“Devotional“ came together in my old studio in Oslo with Christer Knutsen. I sang and played guitar, while Christer sorted the sound, and played all the other instruments. As the song started to take shape there was a spot for a proper solo. We actually considered adding a virtuoso harmonica solo, played by someone who really knows their instrument. But then somehow Nils Petter Molvær ́s name came up, probably inspired by The Blue Nile and their use of jazz-trumpet.

I have wanted to collaborate with him for a long time now. The distinct sound he lends to both Devotional and one other song, elevates them to a special place for me on the new EP. He is one of the most style defining artists in modern Norwegian jazz, with a big name in the rest of the world, so it is a real honour for me to have done this with him.”