Sam Smith Released Seductive New Song ‘Temptation’

Sam Smith has released a new collaboration with Tiwa Savage. Noteworthy, that Savage and Smith wrote the track along with Fireboy DML, and it was produced by London. On the other hand, the track was recorded in Nigeria.

Noteworthy that the track features a bright, summer-friendly instrumentation and centers on the two leads: “If you do me nice/If you do me right/Imma give you everything you like.”

As you may know, on the track ‘Eko’ from the latest album of Coldplay, Tiwa Savage sang background vocals. The album was released in November 2019.

Savage also sang and co-wrote The Gift, which is the companion work of Beyonce’s Lion King. She even worked on the visual album of it – Black is King.

Upcoming tours and private shows of Sam Smith

Pandemic changed the world. All the tours and private shows were postponed and Sam Smiths concerts were not excluded. CUrrently the world’s economy can’t handle the pandemic break, so most of the concerts and private shows will be available for fans. Sam Smith had few shows in casino venues back in 2019. Fans believe that the new tracks premiere will be in American casino venues. As the economy starts the first stage of opening, casino venues are available for gamers. Private shows featuring Sam Smith would be another positive note for fans. Sam Smith shows in casino venues are wild and amazing. Those nights can’t be forgotten per the VIP guests. Normal gamers can’t access a particular casino during the private shows as it’s with invitation only. VIP guests who love playing with emotions and are ready to play for big money are always rewarded with bonuses. High roller bonus options are always available for VIP players and listening to Sma Smith’s live performance would be remarkable. There is another option too – drive-in concert in an open stage or stadium. Sam Smith fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement about the upcoming tour, concert or live show.

Previously Sam Smith released another song with Burna Boy

Smith has also recently collaborated on a new song with another Nigerian superstar Burna Boy. Sam and Burna Boy wrote the song ‘My Oasis’ along with Jimmy Napes.

Initially, the new album ‘To Die For’ was set to be released in 2020. But, unfortunately, like many other events in the world, the date was postponed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

In his statement, Sam Smith mentioned that for years, he had been a fan of Burna Boy, and now he is extremely happy to have a song with him. According to Smith, the track was a ‘beautiful release of emotions’ for him.

As you know, Sam worked for the track ‘I am ready’ along with Demi Lovato in April. It should appear in March, along with the new studio album that was also postponed due to the pandemic.

Sam Smith’s trip to the Lake District

Sam Smith, a multi-award winning singer, artist, and songwriter, posed for photos in the Oddfellows Arms Pub with his two female friends, customers, and staff.

The Family-Business owner, Mr. Monsur, was shocked to see all these and said that Smith was nice and well mannered. They even chatted a little outside.

Abdul Monsur was pleased for the fact that having a family-owned business for 20 years, people are starting to return. So, he encourages them to come back to the Lakeland Spice.

Marc McAdam remembers how excited he was when he saw the celebrity in the Oddfellows’ beer garden. He said he was sitting with his friend, Marie, having a gin and tonic, when he noticed the A-list celebrity in the Oddfellows.

According to Marc, he was a big fan of Smith’s and owned a lot of his albums and Autobiography. As it turned out after chatting for a while, this was Sam’s first time to Keswick. Sam, along with his two friends, had been to the Indian and was excited. So, he was going away for a couple of days and would return via Keswick again for another Indian.

Marc McAdam also mentions that Sam is one of the nicest people he has ever met, and it was very exciting to talk to him.

As it turned out, during the trip, Smith also called in the Catstycam outdoor shop in Glenridding, where he also posed for a photo with Georgia Roper, the shop’s manager, and her son – Jamie.

Georgia remembers that Smith and his friends were very lovely and chatty and they purchased some clothes too.