Pink Mario – „Chad“ + Exclusive Interview

Hello, thank you for your time, please introduce yourself in a few words!

I’m Pink Mario, an alien stranded on Earth. I make music to try and communicate with my home planet, P1, 1.2 million light years away.

Please give us an update about – new single, new album, tour dates, new videos?!

My newest single, released just last week, is called Chad. It’s an irrational love song for a country that I’ve never visited. I hope it captures the romance and excitement of searching for the distant and unknown, no matter how futile that endeavour may seem. I was excited to work with a human animator to release a video alongside Chad that shows parts of my world for the very first time.

For the remainder of the year I’ll be continuously putting out music with the hope of contacting someone – anyone – beyond this galaxy. The next song will be performed in a different Earth language – Russian – to see if that helps with the communication process.

Name 5 things we all should know about you as an artist?!

  • I miss my pet Yopsoo, Yasu.
  • I crash landed on Earth after a failed exploration mission from my planet P1.
  • My favourite colour is Warf – not currently available in the Earth’s solar system. I’m trying hard to introduce it.
  • I have a strange fascination for Earth sports, including football. To me they seem more like art than sport.
  • My manager Tim, a human from a place called London, helps me to understand the ways of your kind.

What fashion style or brand would best describe your music?

Tim reliably informs me that my music would sit comfortably in a linen shirt, tie-dye clothing, old leather jacket or flared trousers.

Do you have bad habits? A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit?

I can’t stop staring at onions. Tim tells me they should make me cry but I just can’t seem to. Then again – no one on P1 can technically cry. To express sadness we click our fingers and sing to the two suns.

Beside music, do you have any special talents?

I am very good at Floviboard, the most popular game on P1. Two small suns ago I got to the finals of my crater’s annual tournament.

Being on stage feels like….!

Unfortunately as my project was conceived during this Earth pandemic, I haven’t got to perform my songs on stage yet. I imagine it will be an amazingly liberating experience that’ll make me feel more like I am communicating with something beyond this planet’s atmosphere.

Must Have – and No-Go in your Wardrobe! – Favorite Fashion Brand and Fragrance?

What is a fragrance? I’m sure Tim will explain.

A question you’d like to answer, but never been asked in an interview before?! + Answer pls

I’d like to be asked about how I learned Earth languages… In many ways I am like a parrot here on your planet – though I can imitate quite convincingly, I’m not always sure of the meaning behind my words.

Instagram: @pinkmariomusic