Paul Mayson – „Don´t let me down“ + Exclusive Interview

1. Hello, thank you for your time, please introduce yourself in a few words!

Hi guys! I’m a music producer and DJ from The Netherlands.

2. Please give us an update about – new single, new album, tour dates, new videos?!

My new single ‘Dont Let Me Down’ ft. Zac Pajak is out right now! It’s my third single this year since I signed with Sony Music earlier. It’s a mix of house, r&b, pop and soul. Check it out!

3. Name 5 things we all should know about you as an artist?!

I love house music and club culture. I’m both a DJ and a producer. I like to push my boundaries and fuse sounds and influences from different genres. I’m very inspired by the way house music and club culture started, the feeling of togetherness, positivity and freedom that’s in the culture. I like to produce for other artists as well.

4. What fashion style or brand would best describe your music?

Good question haha! Perhaps something vintage, as I love to take inspiration from the way house music and club culture started.

5. Tell us more about your songs! Topics! Message!?

With my new music I’m trying to bring back the positive, uplifting and liberating feeling of house music and club culture.

6. Beside music, do you have any special talents?

Music has always been my main thing really! I do like sports, I played tennis and football. I also like visual art and film and just being creative in general. Oh and I’m definitely not a good cook.

7. Being on stage feels like….?

A journey, starting with a big adrenaline rush and ending with a sense of accomplishment and an intimate connection with the people that are celebrating with you.

8. How did you learn to sing/ to write/ to play??

I played drums and then started producing music on a computer by sampling vocals and sounds and programming electronic drums around them, when I was around 11 years old. Later on I started DJing at underground clubs in The Netherlands.

9. As an artist your music has evolved over the years but as a music fan what is your guilty pleasure?

I don’t think you should feel guilty about any music that gives you pleasure! I love house, disco, soul, hip hop as well as a nice r&b classic!

 Your Instagram: @paulmaysonmusic