Out of the Blue: OMNIS-DUO – the new portable all-in-one DJ system

AlphaTheta Corporation announces the new AlphaTheta brand. This draws on the experiences that have been collected and built up under the Pioneer DJ brand. The all-in-one DJ system OMNIS-DUO is coming onto the market, a perfectly portable setup for DJing and partying with friends anytime, anywhere.

The DJ system is light, compact and fits in a large backpack. Thanks to the Bluetooth®/MD audio output, battery, dual deck interface and mixer, and touchscreen, it’s easy to set up and delivers an authentic DJ experience anywhere – even outdoors. Neither a laptop nor a cable are necessary, because no matter whether on the beach, in the park or even in the car, with the OMNIS-DUO you can play anywhere.

What is particularly special is the possibility of integrating the audience into a set with the OMNIS-DUO. Songs can be played directly from a cell phone – e.g. from the audience – and edited with effects via the Bluetooth audio input. OMNIS-DUO also offer additional inputs to use various signals and data sources. The all-in-one DJ system opens parties to everyone and creates unity through music. The design features the distinctive indigo color, evoking the versatility of denim jeans, so it looks great in both professional and home settings.

Since the introduction of the CDJ-500 in 1994, Pioneer DJ and AlphaTheta have manufactured products with cutting-edge technology that help DJs achieve their best performances. And looking to the future, the AlphaTheta brand is committed to growing with the community of people connected by their passion for music and their culture.


Simply take it with you and hang it up: every place becomes a party location in no time
Thanks to its compact size, low weight and rounded corners, the OMNIS-DUO can be easily slipped into a backpack and taken anywhere. The 2-deck + mixer layout looks immediately familiar and just feels good when DJing. Thanks to two touchscreen modes (light and dark), which you can switch between immediately, you can always see all information clearly, whether in the dark indoor area or in the bright outdoor area.

Integrated battery: hang up without additional power supply and less equipment to transport

The OMNIS-DUO plays for up to five hours without being connected to the power grid. The battery can be easily charged using the power adapter or connected to a compatible power bank (45 W or more). The special USB Type-C port is available for this. If the music has to continue playing and the battery capacity is running low, Eco mode can help. This extends the life of the battery and thus also the party. In combination with the new battery-powered WAVE-EIGHT speaker, which has SonicLink technology with extremely low latency on board, the absolute freedom of wireless DJing opens up.

Flexible audio output options – play anywhere & limitless

As the first all-in-one DJ system with Bluetooth audio output, the OMNIS-DUO opens up completely new possibilities. Whether at a campsite or on the beach, DJing works everywhere. It is even possible to connect to a car’s sound system. Ideal for unlimited party fun in almost any location. But the OMNIS-DUO also finds a secure connection via the professional XLR output when DJing in a party location, e.g. a bar. The RCA connectors are perfect for connecting to monitor speakers at home.

Bluetooth audio input – share with the crowd and create individual sets.

Nothing is more disappointing than not being able to fulfill a song request. Using the Bluetooth input, it is now possible to connect mobile devices such as smartphones to the OMNIS-DUO in order to play song requests from the audience directly and thus incorporate them into a set. Thanks to the industry’s first Bluetooth playback, you always have the sound under control and can adjust the volume and equalizer and refine the sound with effects. The OMNIS-DUO also allows tempo changes, offers hot cues and makes scratching possible. And it can also play prepared tracks from other music sources. Bluetooth also opens up completely new creative possibilities for collaborating with other DJs and friends. Ideal for expanding your own musical experiences.

Supports various music sources – for the perfect adaptation to every DJ style

The OMNIS-DUO plays music from almost any source, whether USB Type A data storage or SD cards. Both can be connected directly to the OMNIS-DUO, as can a PC/Mac via the USB Type-C port. The rekordbox performance mode is also supported in conjunction with a computer. The Wi-Fi® function allows easy access to tracks on a PC/Mac, smartphone or the cloud without a cable connection*. Compatibility with Serato DJ Lite will also be available from summer. *Available with Link Export and the CloudDirectPlay function in rekordbox for Mac/Windows or rekordbox for iOS/Android.

Brand new design: good look in any environment

The OMNIS-DUO cuts a fine figure everywhere – from professional events to spontaneous outdoor parties. Its new indigo blue color is inspired by denim jeans and the device’s unique curves create a slim silhouette. The print on the top is minimalist and contributes to a sophisticated look. The OMNIS-DUO is designed to be both casual and fun, making you want to take it with you everywhere.

More functions

8 Beat FX

6 Sound Color FX

8 hot cues per deck

Dedicated beat jump buttons

Dedicated beat loop controllers

2 microphone inputs

Booth output (combined with master RCA)