Nicholas Hamilton – „In Line“ + Exclusive Interview

1. Hello, thank you for your time, Nicholas, please introduce yourself in a few words!
  • Hi! I’m Nicholas Hamilton professionally, Nic Hamilton everywhere else. I’m a little Australian boy.
2. Please give us an update about – new single, new video and any new films on the go?!
  • I just released my new single “In Line”, and the lyric video for it! I’ve been spending a ton of time on music lately, but there are a few film projects in Australia and the US in the works that I’m pumped about.

3. Name 5 things we all should know about you as an artist?!
  • #1, I don’t take myself too seriously, so neither should anyone else. I’m a stupid little man who makes fun content for people to enjoy! #2, I’m Australian, but I’ve lived in America for a little over 2 years now. #3, I’m coming back to Australia now to show my music to more people back here and to do some concerts and shows for those people to see me at! #5, I can’t count. And #4, I make funky, feel-good music that I think is pretty versatile. Whether you like road trip songs or sitting in your bedroom crying songs, I think you’ll like my stuff!
4. What fashion style or brand would best describe your music?
  • Hoodie and sweatpants. But, like, high quality versions of those.
5. Do you have bad habits? A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit?
  • Of course I do. I bite my nails, I’ve never been able to stop doing that. That’s not a guilty pleasure, though. Trash TV is my guilty pleasure. That and coffee. I loooove good coffee.
6. Beside music, do you have any special talents?
  • Hardly! I’m a few trick pony. I love writing songs and singing them, and I love acting. I’ve managed to make careers out of both of those hobbies, though. Wish I could juggle! Maybe I should learn how to juggle.
7. Being on stage feels like….!
  • I think the correct answer here is I don’t know? I’ve been writing songs for years, but I’ve only been releasing for a few months now, and I’ve been doing so during a pandemic, so I’m yet to perform my original music onstage, and I literally can’t wait. I’ll get back to you on how it feels.
8. Must Have – and No-Go in your Wardrobe! – Favorite Fashion Brand and Fragrance?
  • I love wearing clothes that look good, but I’m not that big of spender, so it’s often jeans and a t-shirt for me. I’ve been trying to shop less at big box stores like TopMan and H&M, that’s a habit I need to break. I’ve worn the same fragrance since I was 15, when my first ever girlfriend got me a bottle of 1 MILLION by PACO RABBANE. I’ve always gotten compliments whenever I’ve worn it, so I’ve just stuck with it.
9. A question you’d like to answer, but never been asked in an interview before?! + Answer pls
  • Almost everything music-based! I’ve been acting for so long, and those questions have run pretty dry and get overused quite a bit, but I’ve only been releasing music for a very limited amount of time, so any question about my music is appreciated. I love explaining my songs, where they came from and how they came about, so perhaps more in-depth questions about the etymology of my tracks?
10. Today is your birthday, 21! (It was whhen we did this Q+A)  Happy birthday, Nicholas! What goals do you have for your 22nd year of living?
  • Thank you! Yeah that’s right, I’m turning 21 right when I get back to Australia, where being 21 doesn’t mean anything. I’m excited to get a legal drink when I get back to the States, eventually. Goals-wise, 2020 forced me to not really have any crazy long-term goals. My dreams now are pretty next-minute. What can I do today that will make my tomorrow better? Doing everything I can to make my life, career and relationships a cut above what they were the day before, that’s my goal. That being said, I just want to be happy this year. If I reach May 4th 2022 and I’ve got a smile on my face, I’ll count myself as successful.

Instagram: @nicholas.hamilton

Photo: Travis Walters