New fragrances from Birkholz – FRENCH COLLECTION 2024

Perfume sommelier Philip Birkholz takes us on a fabulous journey through vibrant cities, wild coasts and breathtaking palaces. The dazzling world of France is waiting to be discovered through the new, individually unique compositions. Freedom and beauty accompany you through Paris, Versailles, Bordeaux, Saint Tropez, Grasse and Corsica and envelope the wearer in a completely new attitude to life. The six fragrances of the „French Collection“ capture the essence of their places of inspiration in a fascinating way and, with 22-25% fragrance content, allow you to experience the French flair up close. The renowned perfume manufacturer is known for its exclusive niche fragrances, which give every character the right scent and promise an unforgettable appearance. The “French Collection” will be available from March 2024. Alors, the adventure begins!

Paris & Versailles

The first destination is of course the beautiful capital of France: Paris Mon Amour smells of glamour, energy and elegance – the metropolis of Paris. The woody, floral scent is a love poem to the city and to love. In Paris we lose ourselves in the wonderful sights: Versailles Trésor de jardin is a hymn of praise to the royal palace and its enchanting garden. The spicy, woody scent allows you to explore the beautiful flowers and discover the royal splendor of the past. A crowning highlight of a rousing collection.

Bordeaux & Saint Tropez

We continue our journey in the wine fields in Bordeaux. Bordeaux Plaisir de la Nuit unfolds with a seductive woody-fruity scent and captures the pleasure of a well-aged Bordeaux wine. With the full taste of red wine on the tongue, the sensory experience in Saint Tropez continues: Saint Tropez Eclat de Soleil brings the sunshine and the feeling of the sea breeze in the hair to the wearer himself. The glamorous atmosphere of the city on the Côte d’Azur promises wonderful hours of experience and enjoying.

Grasse & Corsica

Prochain arrêt: The capital of perfume – Grasse. With its fruity, woody note, Grasse Fleur de Provence is reminiscent of the blooming lavender fields of Provence and symbolizes beauty and freedom. Wild landscapes and salty sea breezes: welcome to Corsica! With its aquatic citrus note, Corsica Baiser de la mer invites you to experience raw nature and linger on the coast of France.