As the winter holidays approach, Montblanc introduces a limited edition Happy Holidays 2023 Gift Set curated to help with preparations for this special season and to create shared moments of delight with loved ones. The gift set pieces are presented inside an octagonal domed box, shaped like a tent used by explorers and mountaineers on their snowy adventures, transporting its receiver to the picturesque Mont Blanc mountain in spirit.

Limited to just 100 pieces worldwide, each box is wrapped in a deep blue sleeve made of nylon evoking the material used to make outdoor tents, placed inside a shopping bag that features a dreamlike winter landscape with a tent and skier set against a mountain backdrop. The products inside have been thoughtfully chosen to either assist with the planning for a perfect holiday, or for celebrating with greater ease and joy, and include:

• A Meisterstück 146 LeGrand Fountain Pen with a cap and barrel in light blue precious resin, gold-coated fittings and a 14K gold-coated curved nib embellished with the Montblanc skier coming down a hill that mimics the smooth lines drawn by fountain pen, ready to handwrite special greetings to loved ones.

• A Royal Blue Ink Bottle to lend an air of refinement to handwriting with a classically elegant and noble colour.

• A Set of 20 Cards with Envelopes featuring the winter wonderland landscape with a skier and tent on one side to give handwritten wishes a magically snowy theme.

• A Paperweight made of transparent crystal and revealing the skier and tent, to decorate any desk or workspace with a touch of winter fun.

• A Wax Sealer Kit featuring a stamp in steel with a Montblanc emblem insert in precious resin and three sealing wax sticks in light blue, blue, and dark blue to personalize correspondence during the holiday season.

• Two decks of Montblanc Illustrated Playing Cards decorated with the scenic mountain design presented in a white pouch to bring fun and entertainment to long winter nights.

• A Domino Set in aluminium stored in a special cardboard gift box featuring the Montblanc skier design.

The winter wonderland landscape with a skier and tent can also be found on the new Happy Holidays 2023 Cartoleria Collection that includes the Set of 20 Cards with Envelopes to spread the wonder of mountain magic to friends and family around the world, a Paperweight created to add a hint of winter delight to one’s desk, and a special edition Leather Notebook #146.

With its Happy Holidays 2023 Gift Set and Cartoleria Collection, Montblanc invites you to enjoy holiday planning, share the magic of the mountains and bring more unforgettable joy to gatherings with friends and family.