MODUS VIVENDI unveils 2nd Part of „The Roommates“ Campaign

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MODUS VIVENDI, known for its unique blend of style and comfort, is thrilled to present the second part of our captivating campaign, „The Roommates.“ Named „The One With The Roommates‘ Morning Routine,“ this part dives into the daily lives of our four dynamic protagonists as they navigate their bustling mornings in style.

In this exciting new part of „The Roommates“ Campaign, our quartet of dapper gentlemen brings you behind the scenes of their chic mansion, where they share not only living space but also an impeccable sense of fashion. From dawn to dusk, they effortlessly embody the MODUS VIVENDI spirit.

The episode kicks off with the charismatic roommates, each in their respective corners of the mansion’s upscale kitchen, whipping up delicious breakfast. These stylish gastronomes prove that the kitchen can be as much a runway as the living room.

As the aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air, our protagonists put on a masterclass in getting dressed for work. „The One With The Roommates‘ Morning Routine“ takes you through their closets, showcasing MODUS VIVENDI’s latest collection in an array of chic outfits. Elegance and comfort merge seamlessly in their wardrobe choices, and each character presents a unique take on timeless style, with MODUS VIVENDI’s fashion-forward new designs.

The heart of the second part, „The One With The Roommates‘ Morning Routine,“ is the revealing of MODUS VIVENDI’s latest creations: „Fringes“ and „Purled.“ „Fringes“ is a collection of underwear and apparel products made from luxuriously knitted fabric, adorned with eye-catching fringe detailing, while „Purled“ showcases smooth knitted fabric in a monochromatic palette. These exquisite additions epitomize MODUS VIVENDI’s innovative crafting with high-quality textiles that redefine contemporary style.

The Campaign highlights brand’s commitment to redefine modern fashion, reflecting the dynamic lives of those who wear it. MODUS VIVENDI has always stood for sophisticated, contemporary style that is accessible to all, and ‚The Roommates‘ campaign exemplifies this. We are excited to unveil this next part, where we follow roommates as they navigate their morning routine with grace, and, most importantly, comfort. More episodes are yet to come.

„The One With The Roommates‘ Morning Routine“ offers a glimpse into the lives of four individuals who prove that fashion is not just about what you wear; it’s about how you wear it. Follow MODUS VIVENDI on social media to catch every moment of „The Roommates“ Campaign.

Join this journey and stay tuned for upcoming parts, where we’ll continue to showcase the intersection of style, comfort, and contemporary living.









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