Modus Vivendi – the Swimwear Collection 2021

„Inspired by the art of gathering, designed to take you through the coming months and beyond in style, please be introduced to our new collection.“

Nudes, lace, denim, knits & boost: Modus Vivendi`s new pieces are made to stand the test of time.

See your body. See your mind. See yourself. Love every part of you with the new Modus Vivendi SS 21 Collection. We can express ourselves with fashion & keep up with the latest trends. Masculine and up to date, MV adapts to suit a diverse range of people. This is an inclusive collection of pieces that recall nature and modern shapes that take their inspiration from the world.

This season the Swimwear 2021 collection is all about the contrast between simplistic and bold designs– both in terms of shape and color. The color palette is so fresh and visually pleasing; it makes the pieces even more desirable. The selection of the designs and fabrics of this collection that deploys on your body and accompany your gestures also enhances your personality, to what we hope is your most intimate and truest qualities. Discover the Swimwear Collection, featuring glam, camo, pique, velvet & recycled pieces bringing new energy to your look.

Let your imagination take flight for this season, with underwear & swimwear that loves your body. A most anticipated journey with 14 lines and 31 models, a journey that will keep us attached.



Photographer: Panos Misailidis @p2photographygr / Model: @denismastorakis / Campaign: Corn pique & Rubber Ombre
Photographer: Panos Misailidis @p2photographygr / Model: @christos_katsavochristos / Campaign: Glam Meander
Photographer: Joan Crisol @joan_crisol / Model: @ip.moreno / Campaign: Monochrome
Photographer: Joan Crisol @joan_crisol / Model: @fabianjhz / Campaign: Recycled Camo
Photographer: Gastohn Barrios @gastohn.barrios / Model: @francojmartins / Campaign: Pure Velvet
Photographer: Joan Crisol @joan_crisol / Model: @alerguezx2 & @georgecc__ / Campaign: Trapped Camo