MODUS VIVENDI proudly presents Siren Collection Drop VI and the Scuba Line

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MODUS VIVENDI redefines allure with the Scuba Line and the 6th Drop of the Siren Collection

MODUS VIVENDI proudly unveils one groundbreaking collection that redefines the boundaries of allure and seduction: The Scuba Line.

Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic allure of Ancient Greek Sirens, the Scuba Line and the 6th Drop of the Siren Collection is a testament to MODUS VIVENDI’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion. This collection promises to be what it truly is – an embodiment of captivating allure, blending the mystical with the modern.

The Sirens of Greek mythology, known for their captivating abilities, continue to symbolize irresistible temptation. MODUS VIVENDI invites you to follow this journey of self-discovery, to embrace inner temptress and allow sharp fashion trends to awaken senses, to lead everyone to the ultimate seduction.

The Scuba Line is a revolutionary and the latest addition to the MODUS VIVENDI Siren Collection. Featuring apparel crafted from scuba neoprene fabric, it offers a unique fusion of style and comfort. The tactile experience of scuba neoprene against your skin is a reminder that fashion can be both bold and comfortable. This collection is the epitome of modern elegance, ensuring you stand out in every crowd, whether it’s the runway or the city streets.

For intimate moments, the 6th Drop of the Siren Collection offers underwear crafted from a delicate, thin satin-look fabric. This luxurious, skin-caressing fabric speaks to the brand’s commitment to providing an experience of utmost elegance and allure. It’s a celebration of the intimate, where every moment becomes an opportunity to exude sensuality.

MODUS VIVENDI’s Scuba Line and the 6th Drop of the Siren Collection is not just fashion collections; it is a gateway to self-expression, confidence, and empowerment. MODUS VIVENDI believes in fashion that is not only eye-catching but also leaves you speechless. This collection gives you the power to express your inner allure while feeling comfortable and confident. Fashion enthusiasts, and those who appreciate the finer things in life are invited to experience the Scuba Line and the 6th Drop of the Siren Collection. Whether you seek outfits that capture attention or apparel that radiates sensuality, MODUS VIVENDI delivers it all.


Photography: Joan Crisol @joan_crisol

Model: Leonardo Hanna Azrak @leonardohazrak

Fashion Director: Billy Hazel @billyhazel

Videography: Atico Norte Producciones @aticonorteproducciones

Make Up Artist: Alvaro Sanper @alvarosanper
Location: Madrid, Spain