Modus Vivendi – Michael – Top Model Interview

In ancient Greece people believed that you have to care for the 3 most important self the Body, the Mind and the Soul. What are your daily habits to support and evolve yourself?

I believe that to have a good body you need a good mind. To have a good mind all you need is a pure soul. In the end all we need in order to accomplish our goal is love. My daily habits? It’s simple I’m constantly training with every possible way. With everything any time everywhere.

Do you believe people can change? Change their habits, physical appearance … what it takes?

I don’t know if people can change. What I really know and believe is that people don’t have to change. We just have to evolve. Evolve ourselves with every possible way.

What it takes, its simple, we all know the answer. Passion and unbelievable love for everyone and everything in our world and most important ourselves.

What’s your favorite person of all times? Why he/she inspires you?

I really admire and respect my old teacher ‚Dimitris Giabouras‘. If you don’t know him go check him out

What is Calisthenics gymnastics? What is the history and benefits? Who can do it and where?

I believe it’s an honor for me to train in this kind of way. It’s an ancient Greek way and it can be beneficial not only to power and a shredded body but to flexibility and balance and believe me everybody can do it anywhere. That’s the reasons I believe that calisthenics is one of the greatest tools to have in your life

Any causes you support? How people can help others?

I try to help everyone almost every time I speak to someone, not necessarily with actions, a single phrase can help a person to get up and take the power that he needs to make it through.

Have you changed your daily habits to support the environment?

That’s a very big conversation as we need to find our core values and study them. But in general yes I do.

Are you currently in a relationship? What do you value in a person?

I’m in the beginning of a relationship with a kind and smart person. I don’t know what we have yet but I let everything flow. What I value in a person? LOVE AND RESPECT. In the end that is all that matters.

Favorite movies, books or music?

I like a lot of movies and books especially the fantasy types I think. They travel me to other worlds and different dimensions. Music I like every kind of music it’s depends on my mood. But I really love blues jazz and soul

How covid19 did change you? Daily life, life perspective, priorities …

I think that the only thing that really changed it was time; I had much more time to spend for myself and that`s a good thing. My life routine dint change I did the things I used to do like going to the mountain, read books or just contemplating about life.

Model: @michael_aggell