Modus Vivendi – Liang – Top Model Interview

In ancient Greece people believed that you have to care for the 3 most important self the Body, the Mind and the Soul. What are your daily habits to support and evolve yourself?

I exercise every day, eat healthy, stay active at work, and have sex

Do you believe people can change? Change their habits, physical appearance … what it takes?

The best way to change the outside is to change your mind

What inspires you?

Wisdom and insight, I admire most

Benefits of yoga and meditation in your life?

Self-talk, the growth of body and mind

Any causes you support? How people can help others?

Acting now is the best help

Have you changed your daily habits to support the environment?

I rarely eat beef

Favorite movies, books or music?

Horror movies, my dad’s books, hip-hop music

Which are you passions in life?

Make money and achieve goals

How covid19 did change you? Daily life, life perspective, priorities …

Income, social interaction, entertainment, eating habits everything changed

Model: Liang @pecacho1025