Modus Vivendi – Aggelos – Top Model Interview

In ancient Greece people believed that you have to care for the 3 most important self the Body, the Mind and the Soul. What are your daily habits to support and evolve yourself?

Because of my job as a Calisthenics coach and athlete, I spend a lot of time in training, so the „body“ part does not need more workout or development. However, I also exercise for pleasure via a bike ride to the sea or a mountain run, these activities fill me with well-being and peace! As far as the „mind“ part is concerned, it is my constant curiosity that keeps my brain vivid!

Do you believe people can change? Change their habits, physical appearance … what it takes?

The older one gets, the more difficult it is to change established habits. Sometimes it seems impossible to make even small changes in our lives, let alone to radically change ourselves. And indeed it is almost impossible..because it takes a lot of mental strength to make the decision. The decision to truly change oneself is everything! Then comes the plan and the work.

What’s your favorite person of all times? Why he/she inspires you?

The person I always admired -since I was a kid- is Ernesto Che Guevara. A man with many talents and such a strong mind that he could do anything in his life. But he chose to become a freedom fighter and sacrifice himself for the values of equality and human solidarity.

What is Calisthenics gymnastics? What is the history and benefits? Who can do it and where?

Calisthenics are exercises that don’t rely on anything but a person’s own body weight.  It’s designed to improve strength, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, along with anaerobic and aerobic conditioning. An amazing way of training to turn you into a super fit human!  Age, sex, body weight, sport experience, is not an issue! Everybody can do it. You don’t need a gym or equipment to start up! All you need is the will to change yourselves! Calisthenics are rooted back in ancient Greece. The word calisthenics itself comes from the ancient Greek words „kalos“, which means „beautiful“ and „sthenos“, meaning „strength.“

Any causes you support? How people can help others?

Recently, we (a group of friends and athletes) created a Calisthenic association which, among other things, helps people who have mobility problems due to motorcycle accidents. I love motorcycles and speed, but it almost cost me my life. Fortunately, I did not suffer anything, but since then I see with great sensitivity people who were not as lucky as me.

Have you changed your daily habits to support the environment?

I have always been a supporter of „Be the change you want to see in the world“. In this light, I am constantly trying to find ways to burden the environment as little as possible. I recycle, I use the bike a lot, I avoid plastic packaging as much as possible and I almost never throw food in the trash. Food waste is a real plague on the planet. Last but not least, I always pick up rubbish every time I find myself on a beach, forest, mountain and generally out in nature. Imagine if we all did that! Even 4-5 pieces of rubbish at a time would make a great difference!

Are you currently in a relationship? What do you value in a person?

Being in a healthy relationship where you feel protected and loved, without suffocating or losing yourself, is equal to happiness and this is what I primarily ask of my mate: love, trust and freedom. I was lucky to be in such a relationship and I will seek to find that kind of love again.

Favorite movies, books or music?

My favorite book is „100 years of solitude“. I read it many years ago and since then haven’t found a novel to literally swallow me up! I love Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s magical realism! „Revenant“ of Iñárritu with Leonardo Di Caprio, is one of my favourite movies!  A story of painful survival and violent revenge beautifully given, like poetry! I love all kinds of music. Depends on my mood. Lately, I have been supporting Greek hip hop.

How covid19 did change you? daily life, life perspective, priorities …

During the pandemic my life radically changed, because I had to protect the people I loved and at the same time to save my business that was collapsing under the restrictions for Covid 19. Today, I realise that things went unexpectedly well for me and I came out of this without any losses so far.. For this, I will never take for granted good health.  Or how important it is to have a good job. Or how beautiful it is to hug freely your loved-ones!

Model: @aggelos_soc