I am a professional model and designer. I love creating things with my hands and I really enjoy helping others find their style. I have been working in the fashion market as a model and designer. I have been featured in magazines, runway shows and on TV showing my work to a wider audience. I am very proud of my achievements and always try to keep up with the latest fashion trends. I love to travel and see how people dress all over the world. As a designer, I strive to create garments that are unique, modern, and appropriate for any situation. I believe that the choice of clothing is a form of expression and I want to help others find the look that makes them feel confident and happy, it is empowering. It excites me to see people use my designs and to see them look good. I am very grateful for all the opportunities and experiences I have had and it motivates me to continue working in fashion design and as a model in front of the camera.


MODEL @bompartfelixx
PHOTOGRAPHER: @andreabecchiattophotography