Men’s Health: How to Take Care of Your Spine by Patrick Adams

Photo by Joel Bengs on Unsplash


It is important to sit appropriately, sleep in the ideal posture, move, and lift weights with caution for the spine to remain healthy and straight.

The spine is the pivot of our body since it allows us to hold and move it with the help of other bones and joints. She is more worried by poor posture than by accidents and falls.

We listed a couple of simple tips that you should consider to improve and maintain the health of your spine.

Sleep on your side

Your neck and lumbar spine are put under a lot of pressure when you sleep on your stomach. On your side, with your knees slightly bent, is the best sleeping position.

Sleep on a firm mattress

The most crucial aspect of a mattress that supports the spine effectively when sleeping is that it is firm enough.

Sleeping on an average hard mattress is preferable to sleeping on costly and soft mattresses from prestigious companies.

Don’t jump out of bed

Get up from the side of the bed, placing first, for example, the left hand next to the right shoulder or vice versa. Then, first, lower your lower legs from the bed, and then, holding on to your hands, raise yourself from the sitting position three times.

So, by using a few seconds more when getting up, you will do a lot for your back. When you jump out of bed suddenly, there is an initial muscle spasm, which contributes to fatigue and increasing tension (spasm) during the day.

Visit Specialist

Of course, one way to maintain the health of your spine is to see a doctor regularly. In addition to exercise, diet, and other ways to maintain your spine, it is necessary to consult a specialist in case of pain or discomfort in the spine.

You never know when it can be very dangerous to your health, so it is better to react in time. One of our recommendations is Briz Brain & Spine, which with their knowledge will be able to remove pain or problems in your spine.

Sit on a hard chair, do not cross your legs

Soft seats should be avoided. In other words, when you sit on them, your pelvis is below the level of your knee and bends rearward in the lumbar region. If your chair doesn’t have a sufficient lower back bulge, use a small cushion (10 cm to 12 cm) on the lumbar portion to push your lower back forward.

Also, avoid sleeping on soft mattresses and sofas with a highly hunched neck. Sitting with your legs crossed for lengthy periods causes one-sided depletion of the pelvic muscles and lower back, resulting in tiredness, cramps, and simple spine dislocation. When sitting, both feet should be on the ground. Rely on them to some extent, but keep both feet planted firmly on the ground.

Walk properly

It is important that our step is correct, that we do not throw our feet to the side, inside or outside, and that we do not rely too much on our heels (ideally, the front part of the foot should touch the ground first).

Your step should be light, elastic, natural, shoulders pulled back and relaxed, chest slightly protruding forward as well as neck and head straight.

Also, it is important to look straight ahead. Keep your hands close to your body, and synchronize their movements with the movement of the opposite leg. Bend your hands slightly. Pull your stomach in and gently protrude your hips to stand up straight and stable.

Do not lift the load with your back

Always approach the load as close as you can. Avoid lifting weights with your back and arms, especially if your elbows are away from your body. When you approach the load, get down on your knees, and with your elbows next to your body and your right back, lift it, using the most leg strength.

 Avoid twisting or rotating your back when lifting loads, and if you already have to, always turn your back straight, with your whole body, starting from your feet.

Simple strategies to support your spine and general back health are discussed in this article. Even if you’re in a lot of pain and getting a lot of medical help, try to remember the basic things you can do to help your back. Over time, even little adjustments can aid the healing process.