„Men & Textures“ shot by Guillaume Deperrois

For this session, I wanted to have one model, one texture and one
framing for each different picture. It was the starter of this project.
I played with the curves, lines of my models for creating sensual,
erotics and disturbing pictures.

After few talk with my make-up artist, Alban Jarossay, I’m looking for
the perfect model. I didn’t work all the time with professional model.
Sometime I’m looking something else : a face, a particular body, a
specific skill, etc… I always choose the best for the project.

Working with model, it’s not just a paid job. It’s very important for
me, they loves the project. I want to investe them in the project. My
work is an exchange between all my team (model, make up artist,
stylist). I want to thank my make up artist Alban Jarossay. He always
follows me in my craziest ideas.

I love to meet new people for new project. Creating new thing, trying
new thing. Sometimes is good, sometimes is bad. But this is all about
excitation, to make alive my crazy ideas.
I’m a hyperactive man. So I’m interested in everything. So I continue to
try a lot of differents things. I have so many craziest ideas in my mind
for picture. But I didn’t have time to do them.

The photography is great way to exprim myself, to give a message.

Photos @guillaumedeperrois
Make-up Artist @alban_jarossay
Models : Julien, Magnus, Jerome, Dylan