Men And Leather: A Lethal Combo by Marry Warner


There are many different clothing elements in a man’s wardrobe when we talk about leatherwear. However, whenever someone mentions leather, one’s focus instantly navigates to leather jackets!

After all, nothing beats leather jackets in helping a man achieve macho looks and live the style to its fullest. However, choosing the right type of leather jacket is necessary to make the most of it.

Now, choosing the best type of leather jacket requires noticing some features and remembering some vital information. This article is going to cover all the essentials of making a lethal combo dressing combo!

Features of Leather Jackets:

  1. There are various types of leather jackets available. The main difference between them lies in their colours and styles. While some standard colours might include black, red, or brown, you should always go for a colour that suits your personality.
  1. When you go shopping for leather jackets, always consider the options made from pure leather. Anything else isn’t durable enough.
  2. There are different fit patterns in leather jackets, i.e. relaxed to a slim fit, or even regular.
  3. Leather jackets go well for various occasions if you know how to style them properly. Some manufacturers also offer specialised jackets depending on your requirements.

Important things to remember:

  1. When going shopping for a leather jacket, assess your body type. Evaluate your body type will help in achieving the perfect fit and the best leather jacket.
  1. While the leather jackets are versatile, it always helps to keep the right occasion in mind. If you consider a leather jacket for a specific event or an activity, limit your options to the leather jackets valid for such activities only.
  2. As mentioned above, the colour of the jacket will play an essential role in making the most out of a leather jacket. So, ensure to choose the right colour.
  3. Consider your height to find a leather jacket that fits you the best. The better the fit, the more lethal the combination will be.

Some Lethal Designs!

While all the leather jackets help a person achieve a bold and striking look, we found some leather jackets to be more standout than the standard ones. These are the REAL leather jackets for achieving a lethal combo!

Highlander Solid Faux Fur Winter Leather Jacket

Most people think that red is an unlikely colour for men. However, the trendy solid burgundy red shade of this leather jacket says otherwise.

This leather jacket comes with a unique colour, zip pockets, and mock collars, which help in making this leather jacket more supreme in terms of style and elegance.

For people who like edgy and high-end looks, this leather jacket is the perfect match for them. What makes this jacket more attractive is the reasonable price tag and ability to cope with the modern requirements of stylish trends.

The user feels immensely comfortable with its faux fur fabric, and the jacket offers warmth for perfect winter days!

Colorblock Yellow and Black Slim Fit Biker Jacket

The yellow colour is somewhat untraditional, and some of you might even be shocked seeing a multi-coloured leather jacket on this list.

However, you will fall n love with this jacket as it gives off funky vibes, and it’s very easy-going with most of the outfits a person puts together!

The slim design of this biker jacket makes it a good choice for appearing stylish. The trendy looks and elegant appearance of this jacket make it a lethal combo.

The four zip pockets also allow you to carry some extra stuff, and while you’re at it, they also play a massive part in making the jacket look great. The stand collar also plays its role in making the leather jacket stand out from the other designs.

Men’s Lapel Collar Black Formal Leather Jacket:

This leather jacket is a trendy design for the bold ones who don’t shy away from something new this leather jacket is a chic design for formal or semiformal settings!

This leather jacket comes in a solid black colour, which happens to be one of the most stylish colours. When we talk about its design, this jacket comes with a lapel colour attached. The fitting of this leather jacket is designed to look similar to that of a coat or a blazer.

The button closures and the attached placket go an extra mile in making the jacket apt for formal events to make the wearer bright and dignified!

Men’s Padded and Quilted Leather Biker Jacket:

Now for the bikers and the people that adore road trips or racers, this leather jacket is the one that you want!

Not only does this leather jacket carries the style, but it also offers the wearer safety and a solid fit with the jacket. This jacket comes in black colour and has a zip closure. Furthermore, this jacket also provides quilted protection to the users and does a great job in making the user look ready for anything.

If you want instant smart and handsome looks, then this leather jacket is your best bet. Furthermore, this jacket is a good fit for winter days, offering good value for money.

Casual Brown Paneled Leather Jacket:

People love leather jackets for their rough and innovative, contemporary feel. And this leather jacket is your perfect answer for the apt amount of savvy and roughness in a leather jacket!

This leather jacket comes with a button closure near the neck and a zip closure paired with panels around the side. Such features of this leather jacket help the user in achieving a stylish and lethal dressing combo.

This leather jacket comes with all the latest patterns embedded in it, and we are positive that you will fall in love with this one immediately!

Men’s Black and Maroon Solid Leather Jacket:

Talk about patchworks, tabs, and detailing all blended into one! Looking at this leather jacket, it seems nothing short of a designer wear piece!

This style makes the list thanks to its unique design and attractive colour scheme. This leather jacket comes with colour block and detailing near the sides, tabs near the shoulder area—such details help achieve uniqueness.

We wouldn’t be wrong if we said that such a jacket is a trendsetting material! If your wardrobe is full of unique and fashionable choices, this leather jacket will tie the whole board doom get back together,

Men’s Black and White Striped Leather Jacket:

After stylish looks and comfortable wear? Look no further than this black and white striped leather jacket!

This leather jacket features a design and colours which help in making this jacket look edgy. The primary colour of this jacket is black, and it gets paired with the white stripes to make it look even more elegant and modern in terms of looks.

The zip closure and stand collar of this leather jacket will help you attain fantastic and eventful looks!

Final Words

When we talk about purchasing leather jackets, it’s something that does not come off as easy. However, the process becomes significantly easier if you know what you should consider and some types that you can buy.

This article does just that. Choosing the right style will help you look stunning and make a lethal combination from your dressing!

However, if you would like to make any more additions to this guide, then please mention them in the comments section below!


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