Melumé Skinscience Calm Balm

Once again, the scientists at Melumé Skinscience have succeeded in developing a groundbreaking skincare innovation. With a dedication to excellence, the experts in the new CALM BALM have ensured high effectiveness and convincing results. A special feature is the combination of active, biomimetic and biocompatible active ingredients with an optimal pH value and a second skin texture.

Thanks to its velvety texture, the biomimetic rich balm with 91% natural ingredients is ideal when the skin sends SOS. It is ultra-soothing, regenerates and instantly nourishes dry, flaky skin. It soothes irritation, post-inflammatory redness and spots. It is microbiome-friendly and restores the protective barrier function, improves moisture supply and introduces lipids into the skin. Increases suppleness and smoothes the micro-relief of the skin and provides 360 degree skin rejuvenation.

The Calm Balm is perfect before and after cosmetic, aesthetic or laser treatments or as a regenerating, intensively nourishing and ultra-soothing care on retinol- and acid-free days and for dry cuticles, for hands and feet.

The next generation of multilamellar ceramides combines the essential ceramide types (NP, EOP, AP), which combine the well-known effectiveness of ceramides, phytosphingosine, vegetable cholesterol and free fatty acids with a modern multilamellar structure based on polyglycerol esters as an advanced green emulsifier, combine.

Due to the skin’s identical lipid composition, the multilamellar system resembles the structure of the lipid barrier in the stratum corneum (top layer of the epidermis), preventing and restoring damage to the skin barrier and increasing skin moisture. It improves the overall condition of the skin by reducing roughness and increasing the evenness and homogeneity of the skin. It is highly effective and ideal for treating aging, dry or sensitive skin. It improves skin texture and leads to a more even skin tone.