Lush x Shrek – Lush launches new, limited collection

Just like onions, this collection has multiple layers. Inspired by the main character Shrek’s journey from self-loathing to self-accepting ogre, the product range aims to bring joy and silliness into the world of beauty and wellness and show that there isn’t just one way to be beautiful and feel good – wellness can be one too be a swampy ogre bath!

“I love that Shrek is a family film that I enjoyed as a teenager and that my own teenager now loves the whole Shrek meme culture. It’s a classic film that celebrates self-love and it was obvious that it would be suitable for a collaboration with Lush. It’s natural and fun and perfect for swampy self-care,” says Melody Morton, Creative Concepts Director at Lush.

The new, limited-edition collection includes the Get Outta My Swamp shower slime, Shrek Swamp bath bomb and Fiona shower gel with new and exclusive scents, as well as returning favorite scents for the Gingy bubble bath and Donkey bath bomb.

Get Outta My Swamp Shower slime

Do like Shrek and harness the power of the swamp for an incomparably slimy shower experience! Packed with antioxidant wheatgrass, this green mash leaves skin feeling soothed and silky soft. Like Shrek, you may have respect at first, but in reality they are both softies. Here’s how to do it: Turn it up and take a deep breath. The earthy, herbaceous and chocolate scent crawls into your nose. Maybe you’ll let it waffle for now? When you’re ready, get your hands dirty and lather some of the swampy mud onto your skin. Gently lather up the mucus and then rinse it away.

Shrek Swamp Bath bomb

Don’t be a Farquaad! Your very own bathtub sump with rich chocolate complemented by light, fresh mint and spicy pepper and sweet vanilla is waiting for you. It gets really swampy with rhassoul clay, oak moss and algae, which leave nothing but really soft and well-cared for skin. Here’s how it works: Do you want to treat yourself to the ultimate Shrek care? Whenever you feel like a pampering mud pack, fill your bathtub with warm water and let the Shrek Swamp roll in. The swamp in your home can at least rival that of Shrek.

Fiona shower gel

Don’t worry, be happy! This fairytale blend of green apple, melon and floral scents comes together in a wonderfully cleansing shower gel. The fresh cucumber juice it contains not only cools and soothes the skin, it is also full of vitamin C. This means your skin will shine like that of an ogre who has just fallen in love. Here’s how: Why wait for Prince Charming? You can do it yourself, just like Fiona. Lather onto wet skin and enjoy magically fresh and fruity skin.

By Night One Way, By Day Another Body spray

A fairytale interplay of lime and mango leaf with notes of juicy melon and crisp green apples, this scent is not for ordinary fairytale princesses! Complex notes come into play in this beguiling mixture. They talk about taking your destiny into your own hands, speaking your mind and learning to love yourself exactly as you are. Here’s how it works: Spray directly onto the skin to spread a fresh-smelling fantasy. Avoid the armpits, that’s where the deodorant goes. Fruity? Floral? Fresh? The special thing about this complex scent is that it changes on your skin as you wear it.

Gingy foam bath

Do you know the… muffin man? He lives on Drury Lane! Then heat up the oven, muffin man! We have a large order to deliver. Heaps of sweet, pastry-scented foam await you as you get to know everyone’s favorite gingerbread man better! He’s cute, but also spirited and full of determination to give you the perfect bubble bath. Here’s how: Are you ready? Then crumble it into the running bath water for sweet-smelling foam. Swirl the water to create even larger mountains of foam.

Donkey Bath bomb

You may know a mayfly, or a housefly, but I bet you’ve never seen a donkey fly, ha ha! And that too in your bathtub, oh well. With this noble donkey, bathing becomes your very own adventure that smells like delicious, sweet waffles. That’s enough, donkey. That’s enough. Here’s how to do it: Run Donkey a warm bath and then send him in. It creates swirls of color in the water and a deliciously sweet scent.