Lucky Love – „LOVE“ + Exclusive Interview

Thank you very much for your time! Before we introduce your new release to our readers – what kind of drink would you recommend to zip on while they listen to your new music?

I would recommend to have a big glass of cold water and a spliff of weed 😉

Please give us an update about – new single, new album, tour dates, new videos?!

I’m very happy to have released “Love” for the beginning of the Pride Month last week, it was very important to me to underline the fact that Love is the purpose for my existence.

I’m also currently preparing the release of my next single “Masculinity”, expected the 24th of June! This next single will of course be accompanied by a video clip, of which I’m very proud! It really portrays the statement I make in this song against toxic masculinity, it conveys something very powerful yet effusive. All these singles will of course lead to my first album, expected by the end of the year!

We live in times of many conspiracy theories. Which, harmless, theory would you wish were true? (For example Dinos living inside Earth or E.T. living in a home in California)

I truly believe in the existence of aliens, or at least that some form of life exists outside of planet Earth. It’s something that inspires me, I feel like the unknown can help us fantasize, create, imagine… Definitely an underlying theme in how I shaped my music.

What fashion style or brand would best describe your music?

I would say that it depends on the song, some are made to wear a beautiful and elegant smoking suit, others would suit a skater or streetwear style. My style is probably just as eclectic as my music, but always very authentic and true to who I am. One of the most important aspects of my dresscode is to wear nonbinary clothes. Be yourself!

Tell us more about your songs! Topics! Message!?

I know it’s cliché, but I’d say my first project has been a real therapy. A way to sublime my traumas and get over each of them. Sharing is caring! 😊

Beside music, do you have any special talents?

Don’t get me there! 🙂 I have some other skills yes, I dance and act for example. I have been developing all these skills in the past 10 years to, one day, use all of them to push my music further and become an all-rounded artist! Each passion & talent that I may have shall become a new manner to promote my musical project.

Name 5 things we all should know about you as an artist?!

I have 6!

I’m a pluridisciplinary artist

I hate being categorized, labelled, or put in a box

i love to collaborate with other artists

I’m really shy even though I don’t seem to be

I hate niche music.

I love pop music

How did you learn to sing/ to write/ to play??

I guess curiosity led to trying many things including the few you mention above. I think they are things that you don’t really learn you just experiment and always have fun! Creating things from scratch, developing tiny scraps of ideas I gathered in my head, it’s really things that makes my thrive and helped me discover who I am today as an artist.

A question you’d like to answer, but never been asked in an interview before?! + Answer pls

My question would be: What’s the meaning of life for you?

Life is so short and you have to live everything you can, try hard, work, love, laugh and never let anyone take the control over your life! It is yours and you just have one!

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