Louis Vann Johnson – EP „34/7“ + Exclusive Interview

1, Hello thank you for your time, please introduce yourself in a few words!

Hello my name is Louis Vann Johnson and I’m a creative music artist.

2, Please give us an update about – new song, new album, tour dates, new videos?

I’ve recently released a concept E.P called 34/7 and a lyric video on youtube!

3, Name 5 things we all should know about you as an artist?

To me music is very powerful so I feel artists must be sensitive and sensible in what they share.

I am very open creatively.
If music moves me I will listen to it. As an artist I don’t believe in genres.

I love to collaborate with people as an artist and producer whether it’s working with other artist, musicians, dancers, actors etc…

4, What fashion style or brand would best describe your music?

I’d say my music has quite an eclectic style. In clothing terms it’d be a mix of smart, smart casual, street, skater, rocker and tribal.

5, Tell us more about your songs! Topic! Message!?

My songs on this E.P are a journey of self, it touches on relationships to external negative influences, global suffering, trauma, life and death. I wanted to show the biggest challenges we face and witness together are linked to the smallest challenges we face and witness as individuals. For positive progression we must learn to recognise and trace where these challenges are rooted so we can then create positive change in our lives. The first song on the E.P

“Backfired” is the first step on this inward journey. The song finds a relationship in a state of chaos where many have found themselves. It hints at the possibility of compatibility but highlights the restrictions and hinderances caused by deeper issues within the individuals.

6, Besides music do you have any other special talents?

Aside from music, I’m good with voices and mimicking sounds and I can touch my nose with my tongue!

7, Being on stage feels like…!

Being on stage feels like one of the best experiences of my life, I love it

and have always loved it!

8, How did you learn to sing/ to write/ to play?

I feel like I’m still learning to sing, write and play! It’s definitely a constant practice. I grew up in a musical family who gave me a lot of support and encouragement with music. My Dad and my uncle were my two main guitar mentors, my Dad used to be in a reggae band in the 70s and my uncle is still a working musician. My Dad is a very good writer and was my songwriting mentor. He was very critical but super constructive of my work when I first started writing songs. He used to help me write songs and we wrote songs together. Actually one of the

songs on the E.P “A Tear or Two” was originally written by my Dad when my Grandad passed away. I wanted to do something that paid tribute to the Johnson musical line as my Grandad also played guitar and so did his dad! I asked my Dad if I could use the song and change it up, I added more lyrics, and completely changed the production style. I used a type of guitar style my Uncle had taught me which is quite African sounding. So yes all of that is my tribute to my mentors, family line and cultural roots. Oh but yes that should cover your original question.

9, A question you’d like to answer but have never been asked in an interview before?

Do you think there should be a cutoff age to emerging as an artist or releasing new music?

I feel like older “unknown” artists should have more of a platform to share their music. Talent is talent and if they have something to say it would be great for us to hear as they have more life experience. Could you imagine how interesting songs would be, we may hear perspectives and stories in music that are just unheard of because it’s a young persons game. I’d love to see older people succeeding via their music and not shunned or laughed at based on their image or sex appeal. We live in 2021 with many independent artists doing their thing. I feel the older generations should be given just as

much opportunity as the younger if what they have is genuinely inspiring. This is very possible if we as an audience are open and listen to things as they are and not as what we’d like them to be.

Instagram: @lvjofficial