Juliette has a gun: ODE TO DULLNESS

“While boredom is interpreted in a rather derogatory way in the West, in Asia it has a completely different meaning. Instead of being a synonym for blandness, it is equated with gentleness and poetic reflection. It invites us to slow down our lives.”

Romano Ricci

ODE TO DULLNESS is perfect for those looking for a clean and calming scent. With its neutral and poetic balance, this creation is like a cozy blanket on a rainy day – calming and enveloping. A tribute to the often underestimated beauty of simplicity and the monotony of everyday life. Often this is exactly where the unexpected can be found.

Beneath the transparent surface of this fragrance there is a balance of badiane and freesia that radiates lightness and carefreeness. Combined with sandalwood and cashmere flowers, this fragrance composition envelops us in a pleasant glow of sensuality.




Badiane, freesia


Sandalwood, Cashmere Flower


Tonka bean, musk