After 20 years, J.Lindeberg is thrilled to announce the continuation of its longstanding partnership with PGA Tour Champion Camilo Villegas. Known for his dynamic presence on the golf course, unparalleled style, and status as a Global Latin American icon, Villegas will once again bring his flair and expertise to the J.Lindeberg collection.

Camilo Villegas, affectionately dubbed “Spider-Man” for his unique approach to reading putts, has been a trailblazing figure in the world of golf and a stalwart J.Lindeberg ambassador from the early days of his career. His remarkable journey, spanning many great triumphs and personal challenges, has been an inspiration to fans and athletes alike across the globe. Villegas’ latest victory at the 2023 Butterfield Bermuda Championship, where he clinched his fifth PGA Tour title, underscores his resilience and enduring talent.

Continuing my journey with J.Lindeberg feels like coming full circle, reflecting on all the fun we’ve had evolving together — from the days of big buckles and colorful attire to a more refined style. Our partnership has been a constant through the many changes in my career, and I’m so excited to see how we’ll continue to innovate and push the boundaries of golf fashion together, says Camilo Villegas.

With a career that spans over two decades, Villegas has not only left an indelible mark on the game but also on golf fashion. His evolution from vibrant and flamboyant attire to sleek, monochromatic ensembles mirrors J.Lindeberg’s ethos of marrying progressive design with stellar performance. Villegas’ commitment to fashion and functionality has made him an integral part of J.Lindeberg’s product development and testing, contributing to collections that resonate with golfers and brand enthusiasts worldwide.

Camilo is everything J.Lindeberg stands for – pure dedication, inimitable style, and the tireless pursuit of excellence. His impact on the sport and his influence in golf fashion align perfectly with our brand’s vision, and we feel very proud to have him continue as a key ambassador for J.Lindeberg, says Hans-Christian Meyer, CEO at J.Lindeberg.

As golf fashion keeps evolving, Villegas’ influence will continue to extend beyond the course, inspiring a new generation of players to champion their individuality while striving for greatness. Together with J.Lindeberg, Camilo Villegas, sporting his signature form-fitting attire and innovative looks, is poised to set new standards in golf fashion as a leading fashion-forward figure in the sport.