Heritage Le Telfair launches the new Wellness Bliss

Heritage Le Telfair announces Wellness Bliss, an exclusive experience for guests seeking pampering in addition to self-discovery, well-being and relaxation. With the Wellness Bliss concept, the resort redefines the standards of wellness, allowing guests a unique opportunity to recharge their batteries and blossom in the heart of the lush landscape of Bel Ombre Mauritius.

At Heritage Le Telfair, a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, guests now have the freedom to experience wellness on their own terms. With the support of a dedicated wellness consultant, you can choose specific activities or opt for tailor-made arrangements.

The Seven Colors Spa, is a 2000 m2 oasis dedicated to relaxation and rejuvenation. It is the heart of the wellness experience at Heritage Le Telfair. Everything in this spa is based on the seven chakra teachings from traditional Indian culture combined with luxury. Massages, essential oils, energetic treatments, relaxing music and ambient lighting are designed for the guest and the specific chakra. All products used are nature-based. The new luxurious spa was recognized at the “World Luxury Hotel Awards”. Seven Color Treatments are inspired by the wisdom of ancient natural healing techniques combined with the Mauritian culture of wellness.

The UNESCO biosphere and the breathtaking coastlines on your doorstep are the focus of the wellness experience at Heritage Le Telfair. Here, forest bathing, coastal hikes and even tree hugging are all part of the experience.

In addition to Wellness Bliss and nature experiences, Heritage Le Telfair invites you to a range of activities primarily from Eastern culture: from Pilates and Yin Yoga, to Aqua Tai-Chi, Body Balance and Tai-Chi. These offerings are complemented by unique experiences such as Konect, aerial yoga, sunset yoga, breathwork, and mobility and flexibility workouts. Guests can also book Akwa Active water workouts, as well as traditional practices such as Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Yoga Fusion. All wellness packages are seamless and fully integrated into the resort’s uniquely tropical environment.

In the words of Dominique Grel, General Manager of Heritage Le Telfair, „This new Wellness Bliss at Heritage Le Telfair is a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to providing a world-class wellness experience for our guests. We are proud to be the epitome of Luxury, and with this new feature we take that promise to a new level.“ He added: “This special event is designed to leave a lasting impression long after guests have left the island’s sun-drenched shores.