In 1957, Hamilton launched the first electric timepiece: the Ventura. Its groundbreaking, futuristic design became a symbol of innovation and quickly attracted the attention of like-minded admirers – especially that of one very special collector whose career was based on the courage to be different. Elvis Presley was a loyal fan of the Ventura from the start. The singer owned a personal collection of the post-war modernist design icon and wore the Ventura in his musical “Blue Hawaii.”

The new Ventura collection is inspired by Presley’s hit single „Blue Suede Shoes,“ the first song on the artist’s debut album of the same name. The album released in 1956 with the song “Blue Suede Shoes” was the starting signal for a career that would not only change music, but the entire world. Just as the Ventura heralded a new era in watchmaking.

The collection includes six Ventura models, each with a striking blue-graded dial that accentuates the sweeping lines of the triangular case. The Ventura features nickel-plated hour, minute and second hands and is powered by a reliable three-jewel quartz movement. The striking case is available either in stainless steel or as a yellow gold-colored version with PVD coating. Correspondingly coordinated flex bracelets made of stainless steel or with a yellow gold-colored PVD coating visually fit seamlessly into the case. On the models with a blue Alcantara strap, however, the color is complemented by a deep blue dial and is reminiscent of Elvis Presley’s famous shoes.

The collection also offers two Ventura Chronograph Quartz models. These are powered by a precise quartz movement with 23 stones. The blue graduated dial is equipped with three subdials for measuring seconds, minutes and hours. The Ventura Chronograph Quartz is only available with a stainless steel case and comes with either a matching stainless steel flex bracelet or a blue Alcantara bracelet.