Gourmand fragrances – LUSH products to match the fragrance trend


Have you always wanted to smell really delicious like a snack? We have Lush classics for you that sweeten your skin and hair. Between vanilla, caramel, popcorn and cocoa notes, Lush has a whole range of scents that will make you smell good enough to eat.

Viral sensations Supermilk Conditioning Spray and Let The Good Times Roll Body Spray are known for leaving you smelling delicious, with lovely notes of baked goods, popcorn and vanilla.
However, Lush offers a variety of other delicious product scents that are just waiting to be discovered.

The sweet and soothing notes of multi-sensory ingredients such as vanilla and caramel not only conquer the senses of smell and sight, but also stimulate the sense of taste. The scent transforms into an emotional reward, a journey through time as your mind unearths cherished memories and transports you to a dimension of pure well-being.

„Gourmand scents can be associated with food ingredients and provide a real feel-good factor, in the same way that comfort food does, and for some this is also associated with nostalgic memories.“
– Emma Vincent, Lush Perfumer

Vanillary Perfume

A sweet and warm, yet sophisticated and honest vanilla scent. A blend of vanilla absolute, tonka and a light touch of jasmine for an uplifting, uplifting caramel perfume. Vanillary leaves its long-lasting aroma on your skin and is almost irresistible.

Let The Good Times Roll Body spray

We’re not kidding when we tell you: This deliciously fragrant popcorn with butter body spray is a real hit! The long-lasting scent will make your mouth water so much that it will become your new star.

Let The Good Times Roll cleanser

This exfoliating popcorn face and body cleanser scrubs dry skin smooth, leaving it soft and soft. At first glance, the ingredients look more like a cakewalk: cleansing corn flour, polenta and grain oil that gently absorb and balance your skin. Talc helps the cleanser glide smoothly over your skin, while glycerin locks moisture into the skin, making it particularly effective for dry skin. Crumbled popcorn adorns this great roll and gently exfoliates, and cinnamon powder warms slightly and improves circulation.

Butter wouldn’t melt Home Fragrance x Bath Oil

Sweeten your days under the covers. Make yourself comfortable with this Lush Melt and immerse your home in a pleasant, caramel warmth. Add a square or two to your aroma lamp or bath and let yourself be enveloped in scents full of sweet vanilla and calming sandalwood.

Sticky dates shower gel

Start your days with a few dates – but in the shower! The shower gel’s long-lasting scent consists of 25% softening date syrup, aromatic vanilla and sweet sandalwood. Apply the moisturizing formula to your body and hair using a little lather and rinse.

Posh Chocolate Body wash

This appetizing, chocolate-colored shower cream contains aloe vera and glycerin, leaving your skin soft and moisturized. Grab a good handful and smell the rich cocoa aroma. Then spread the shower cream all over your body and then rinse it off.

Candy Rain hair conditioner

This tonka and cocoa scented conditioner gives you incomparably supple hair. Moisturizing coconut cream, cashew cream and macadamia milk cover you with their nourishing power and combine to create a unique conditioner. The nut oils from macadamia and Brazil nut are nourishing and strengthening. This incomparable rain shower gives you radiant, silky and wonderfully straight hair.

Turmeric latte Massage Bar

When night falls, you can make yourself comfortable with the cozy scent of vanilla, creamy tonka absolute and a hint of spices. On cold days, this massage oil feels like a soothing hug.