Get your Eyebrows in Shape for the Summer by Claire Norton

Image by raafat ahmed from Pixabay

Summer is just around the corner and the preparations for the holidays should be well underway. But getting in shape doesn’t only mean signing up for a last-minute pilates class anymore. One of the biggest beauty trends of the decade is definitely full, voluminous brows and that’s just the way we like them all year round.

However, the summer heat is one of makeup’s arch enemies, so you might want to prepare your brow arches for a minimally fussy summer routine that will keep them looking lush without all the runny makeup. Here’s how.

Start Using a Brow Growth Serum

Before you can style your brows in any way, you probably want to make sure your brow hairs are as long and as thick as possible. 

Many people struggle with patchy brows, as their hairs are too thin in certain spots. Some people also notice increased hair shedding on their face and scalp in the weeks when we transition from winter into spring, so the patchiness can get even worse in the month leading up to summer.

The solution may come in the form of brow growth serums, which contain vitamins, amino acids, and peptides. These powerful substances make each individual hair follicle thicker and more resilient, resulting in healthy, long brow hairs and consequently, fuller arches. Most of the serums available on the market can also be used on eyelashes for the same effect, so goodbye mascara! Sounds good, right? 

You should be aware, however, that growth serums need some time to work, so if you want your brows bushy for the summer, you should start using one ASAP.

Get Microblading

In case you didn’t start your brow growth serum cycle on time, there’s a way to fix all your brow problems with one short treatment. Permanent makeup for eyebrows implies a range of procedures similar to tattooing but not as permanent, which can recreate the look of wearing regular makeup, but without the running and the smudging. 

In fact, when you get brow microblading, your arches will look flawless every day without you fixing them in any way. Microblading is the most popular permanent makeup treatment in the world. It is done by depositing pigments into the skin between your brow hairs in strokes that resemble the natural hairs, so the arches look fuller. The best part is, the bespoke results last at least a year, so the microblading cost is definitely worth it, especially if you consider the fact that you won’t be spending any extra money on brow products. It will also save you time and energy.

Microblading is a real summer saviour. Once you get it, you can hit the beach or the swimming pool without worrying about your brows – they’re not going anywhere.

Get Henna Brows

If microblading sounds good but you’re not quite ready to commit to long-lasting results, you can try henna brows. 

Although both treatments enhance your brows, they work in different ways. Henna is a type of dye of plant origin that can be used to tint the brow hairs and the skin beneath the brow arches, so you get the look of shadowed brows, similar to the look of wearing brow powder, but 100% waterproof.

This look will last from 2 to 6 weeks. Obviously, much shorter than the results of microblading, but it’s enough to get you through your vacation without brow makeup. It’s also a great way to test out permanent makeup in case you’re on the fence about it.

Try Threading

No matter how you decide to enhance your brows, there will always be some stray hairs growing around the outline of the arches. So most of us have to dig up the tweezers every two weeks and get rid of them.

However, not all of us are equally skilled. In case you’ve disastrously overplucked your eyebrows one too many times, perhaps it’s time to see a brow threading specialist. Eyebrow threading is becoming increasingly popular as a less painful, more precise method of removing stray brow hairs and shaping arches. It is done by using two lines of thread to grab unwanted hairs without causing any damage to the skin, which is the number 1 downside of waxing.

Threading is the gentlest way to remove stray hairs, so it’s the safest option for sensitive and acne-prone skin. 

Final Thought

In the summer, no one wants to worry about heavy, cloying makeup which has to be retouched often. The key to looking your best without makeup is grooming your eyebrows – they’ll bring out your eyes and make you look glammed up instantly.

So if you’re planning a vacation, consider getting your brows in shape by boosting their growth, shaping them nicely, and filling them in with permanent makeup. Who knows, you might like microblading so much you decide to take a PhiBrows Canada microblading course and turn it into a career! With the brow obsession still going strong, we’ll need our brows professionally enhanced for many more summers.