Fribourg-Gottéron X Mauron Musy

Mauron Musy, the prestigious Swiss watchmaker established in the Broye region of Fribourg for a decade, proudly announces its new partnership with Hockey Club Fribourg Gottéron. Beyond a mere sponsorship, this exclusive commitment, driven by shared values of passion and excellence, is part of a long-term vision where every moment matters, both on the ice and in supporting grassroots programs.

Official Watch and Timekeeper of HC Fribourg Gottéron

Since this season, Mauron Musy has been setting the pace for the thrilling minutes at the BCF Arena in Fribourg, as the official timekeeper for the Dragons‘ matches. Through a synergy of precision, inspiration and conviction, the watchmaker and the ice hockey club combine their culture of authenticity and performance to make the hearts of passionate hockey fans and watch lovers alike.

„By supporting Fribourg Gottéron, we are celebrating the power of local collaboration, where the passion for watchmaking and ice hockey meet, creating an exceptional synergy between two worlds of high precision, demand and performance.“

Christophe Musy, Founder and CEO of Mauron Musy

A Partnership for the Future

The aspirations of the two Fribourg institutions converge in their focus on nurturing the hockey players of tomorrow. To support the next generation, the watchmaker will unveil a new exclusive collection: a limited series of twenty-two (22) watches, a tribute to the 22 players who has represented the 2023-2024 roster. Proceeds from sales will be donated to the Young Dragons, the club’s junior teams, fostering  dreams of the next generations, and embodying the passion that drives the people of Fribourg.

Julien Sprunger, new MAURON MUSY Ambassador

A legend of Swiss hockey, Julien Sprunger becomes the new brand ambassador. Through his consistent performance and his unwavering loyalty to the club’s values and its region, the Dragons‘ captain embodies the spirit of Mauron Musy.

Presented with a unique timepiece during his 1000th match with the jersey of his lifelong club, number 86 is committed to promoting Fribourg excellence, shining a light on the dynamism of an entire city.

„In Fribourg, I grew up and evolved to become the athlete and the person I am today, with my values and my work ethic. I am proud to represent Mauron Musy, which embodies the same values, translated into quality watches, designed in our canton and distributed worldwide.”

Julien Sprunger, captain of HC Fribourg Gottéron