Under the slogan “We are making culture,” ERROR NYC is a menswear fashion brand created by designer PUL Sheen as a way for a fashion brand to bridge communities and challenge the status quo.

ERROR NYC has released their 5th collection „PEEK„. In this collection, they have developed their own sartorial platform for standing assertively against design normalcy: each piece in their line has the unique functionality that people can wear on both sides or in various ways, spawning intense self-expression through unorthodox cuts and material pairings. In addition, their creative designs and high-quality materials make this collection more complete.

An unbiased design space, ERROR NYC seeks to create an inclusive brand culture that empowers the disenfranchised and socially outcast by celebrating our differences and unique qualities. They pledges to stand with those who are considered an “error” in society’s small-minded standards, to share their stories and work with others to create positive changes in the industry.

Photo Courtesy of Bryant M Kim, Model Arthur Kelso, Nate Carty, and Gladimy Fleurejuste.