Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Look & Feel Your Best by Maggie Bloom


Whether you’re in your 20s or your 50s, it’s always nice when you can look in the mirror and like what you see. However, it can be really easy to get stuck in a rut if you’re not intentional about upgrading your appearance and your personal routine. If you’d like to add some pizzazz to your current look, consider the following ways to get an easy upgrade.

1. Improve Your Hairstyle

Whether you’re a man or a woman, hair matters. Your approach to hair needs to be two-fold. First, find a great stylist who can give you a good cut and color that are easy to maintain. Stepping out of a salon chair or barbershop with that new look can easily make you feel like you have a new lease on life. Then, do your best to learn how to maintain that look. Whether it’s through trims, regular deep conditioning treatment, and sleek hairstyles, learn how to improve the way your hair looks on a daily basis. Develop an honest partnership with your stylist. Let them know that you’d like to visit their salon to get your hair taken care of. However, make it clear that you’d like a style that’s simple for you to maintain on your own. Once they have that understanding, they can work with you in a different way.

2. Learn a New Makeup Technique

If you’re a woman who prefers to keep things simple, don’t worry about learning how to do a smokey eye or a winged eyeliner technique. Instead, find a great mascara that opens up your eyes. Look for a few shades of lipstick that flatter your complexion. If you have blemishes you’d like to conceal, find a great foundation that’s easy to apply. Once you’ve mastered the five-minute face, you can easily look polished at all times.

3. Accessorize Well

Find a few signature pieces that you can wear with almost any outfit. When you’re looking for amazing signature pieces, it’s best to consider these investment pieces because they’ll last a really long time. Whether it’s a nameplate necklace made from 24 karat gold or a designer handbag that can be passed down to your children, accessorize with awesome investment pieces. Watches will always be in style. Find a few of the classic le mans vintage-style watches that work with a few outfits because watches make an outfit look complete.

4. Find a Tailor

Never underestimate the magic of a good tailor. Even if you purchase a pair of jeans from Walmart, getting those jeans tailored to fit your body will make them look like designer jeans. Truth be told, tailoring doesn’t cost a ton of money. By setting aside an extra $10 per garment, you can eventually build a closet that’s filled with items you want to wear because they are perfectly cut for you.

5. Wear Monochromatic Outfits

One of the easiest ways to look polished at all times is through wearing monochromatic outfits. Whether it’s an all-black ensemble or a navy blue dress, it’s a lot easier to upgrade your look this way. Even if you love color, it’s okay to match a kelly green blazer with a mint green pair of pants. Then, all you’ll need to do is add simple accessories. Shoes in neutral colors like black, brown, and white are perfect investments to tie the outfits together.

6. Be Well-Groomed

The details of grooming don’t go unnoticed. When you don’t pay attention to details, it’s actually very easy to look unkempt. Start with cleanliness. If your teeth look discolored, it’s easy for them to look dirty. Purchase some whitening strips in order to achieve a bright, white smile. Keep your nails clean and polished. If you have unruly facial hair, manage it. Find a good eyebrow technician to manage the eyebrows. Remove unwanted facial hair in an efficient yet safe manner. Having good oral hygiene is part of grooming too! To get started, seek dental expertise from the family dentist Shrewsbury.

If this list looks intimidating to you, the key is to take it one step at a time. Don’t try to do all of these things within one week. Each week, find an old accessory that you don’t wear anymore. Donate or throw the item. Then, do some online shopping to find a new accessory that works well for you. If you do this practice once a week, it won’t feel as intimidating. As you finish one task, move on to the next one. Before long, maintaining your personal appearance will feel as easy as breathing.