camel active Summer Darks – SpringSummer 2024

Love, peace and understatement! Now the most wonderful time of the year begins again: neither heavy thoughts nor jackets, but an exuberantly good mood instead of three days of rainy weather. Whether it’s after-work drinks by the lake, art in the open air or spontaneous walks in nature instead of bingeing on Netflix.

In the summer time, the motto applies to all activities: Yesss, finally outdoors again! The camel active spring/summer collection 2024 offers the perfect outfits for these occasions: summer darks meet open air.

Intense, dark colors combine carefreeness with a casual style. Just the right looks for the upcoming festival season. Hardly anything clears your head than music and nature. When both come together, it becomes a hit.

The camel active menswear line-up now includes navy shorts with drawstrings combined with relaxed cotton shirts. The easy look is created by oversized cuts, breast pockets, abstract floral prints, slightly washed out nuances and matching caps and bucket hats.