Blue Salt – KitchenAid Colour of the Year 2024

A pinch of color, please! Inspired by the way salt adds that special something to any dish and awakens our senses to new flavor nuances, KitchenAid presents its new color of the year: Blue Salt. The bright, iridescent blue with a violet-pearl finish, which gently changes tone depending on the angle of view and the incidence of light, makes the popular food processor shine in new splendor.

The American brand has been inspiring people with new color creations for decades. To achieve this, the KitchenAid design team is inspired by current trends and the spirit of the times. It not only analyzes fashion trends and design movements, but also looks at social developments, technological innovations and cultural influences. This intense engagement with the world leads to a creative fusion that ultimately culminates in the creation of a new, unique sound.

But Blue Salt is not just a color. The ever-changing nuance breaks up the monotony of the kitchen, reflecting the versatility and liveliness that cooking brings to our everyday lives. The KitchenAid food processor in Blue Salt is a reminder to always go through life with a fresh perspective and a pinch of variety.