ASHLEE KEATING – „SAUCY“ + Exclusive Interview

Thank you very much for your time! Before we introduce your new release to our readers – what kind of drink would you recommend to zip on while they listen to your new music? 

Champagne with a strawberry 😉

Please give us an update about – new single, new album, tour dates, new videos?!

Definitely check out my new single “SAUCY” and music video! I am performing at NYC Youth Pride June 25th Look out for new dates to be announced soon and full EP to be released!

What fashion style or brand would best describe your music?

Vibrant, colorful, fun, sexy, with an urban edge.

Tell us more about your songs! Topics! Message!?

My songs have an uplifting vibe to embrace your best expressive self! I want my fans to feel something, self-empowered, inspired, and want to dance when listening to my music. My new EP really expresses that! You’ll just have to wait and see and hear the rest! 😉

Beside music, do you have any special talents?

Skiing & sailing

Name 5 things we all should know about you as an artist?!






How did you learn to sing/ to write/ to play??

I’ve been singing my whole life! It was always natural from the age of 3. I loved performing, singing, and dancing. Songwriting was always in me, but I only started heavily in the last few years since my song “Hurt Me So Good” that I wrote once I started tuning into my own feelings and expressing them through music.

A question you’d like to answer, but never been asked in an interview before?! + Answer pls

“Are you single?” LOL

(Answer is yes… LOL)

 Your Instagram: @Ashleekeating