Antonio Muroni – Top Model Feature

Name: Antonio Muroni

City/Country: São Paulo/Brazil

Age: 25 yo

Height: 188 cm

Hair / eyes color: brown

Chest: 100 cm

Waist: 68 cm

Hip: 100 cm

Feet: 44 (Europe)

Spoken languages: Portuguese; English; Italian; Spanish;

„I’m a brazilian model with 25 y.o., working how model with national and international jobs, I’m a brave and determined guy, before to become a model I made college and I’m accountant so I have 2 jobs, I know they are completely diferents professions but to me? It’s a hard challenge and I love it. I love give the best of me in everything I make, and believe that the future holds a new challenge and great things gonna happen when you deserve it. That’s my motivation.“

About the Shooting:

This is a fashion editorial produced and directed by Elionay Cruvinel, with clothes of The Original Homem, Make up Artist by Idevan Macedo, and Photographer Arthur Ringo on Studio Ringo here in Brazil.

Antonio about the Shooting:

„The idea to a white background and white clothes was so genial, I mean was just me showed in the photo, no accessories no distractions, just me! A hard challenge I loved. And after, a bad boy from the street? A guy who smokes and jumps of buildings, that was so amazing!! And last but the “golden key” the grand finale with an 80s boxer without gloves, You know, how aggressive and strong those guys were!? To me impressive convey all that fury and determination I really loved it.“


Model: ANTONIO MURONI @tonimuroni

Photographer: ARTHUR RINGO @arthur.ringo

Producer and Director: ELIONAY CRUVINEL @elionaycruvinel

M.A.: IDEVAN MACEDO @idevanmacedo

Store: THE ORIGINAL HOMEM @theoriginalhomem