ABOUT YOU x Teddy Teclebrhan – unisex collection from his fashion brand ABOJ ADEJ

More than 10 years ago, a YouTube video of Teddy in his role as Antoine went viral, which made the comedian and singer famous. Today it is impossible to imagine the entertainment industry without him, whether as Teddy or Antoine, Percy and Ernst Riedler. Teddy not only inspires his viewers in his various roles, but also with his feel for fashion trends and his own style. For him, fashion is an important part through which he expresses his personality. He also incorporated these into the creation of the ABOJ ADEJ brand and the designs, thereby providing private insights for the first time.

“Even though I grew up in Germany, my roots are in Eritrea. My mother gave me many Eritrean cultural attributes that are an important part of me and that I now want to incorporate into my professional projects. “That’s why I named my brand ABOJ ADEJ, which means ‘my father, my mother’ in Tigrinya, the national language of Eritrea,” says Teddy. In addition to his roots, the looks are also inspired by his favorite fashion brands and his minimalist, trend-conscious style. This polarity of different influences forms the core of the brand: Eritrean culture meets European lifestyle, high-quality, clean Scandi cuts meet an eclectic, warm color palette. The designs prove that this polarity can also become a unity – like father and mother, man and woman. This also reflects the unisex spirit of the collection, which appeals to both fashion-conscious men and women between the ages of 25 and 40 who are interested in the trends of the international catwalks and are looking for affordable yet high-quality alternatives.

The collection shows the current trends of the Spring/Summer 2024 runways: ABOUT YOU and Teddy present varied structures and textures such as trousers and jackets made of twill as well as shirt and shorts sets made of shiny Tencel and waffle fabric. Cool workwear can be found in the collection in the form of a utility vest and a ripstop jacket made of black nylon. There are also statement pockets on jackets and trousers and large graphics made of flowers and the simple brand logo. The color spectrum is based on the current trend colors: pale blue, celadon, cream and beige form the basis of the designs. On the other hand, red and mustard yellow create sunny highlights. The collection gets its high-quality character from the robust and heavy fabrics made from organic cotton and the elegant, simple cuts. Overall, this results in a selection of fits that reflect Teddy’s own wardrobe staples and create a great contrast between clean aesthetics and eye-catching trends.