CLEAN RESERVE presents its new, groundbreaking fragrance collection H2EAU

CLEAN RESERVE is pleased to announce the launch of its latest collection of eco-friendly and sustainable fragrances. This groundbreaking fragrance collection combines environmental awareness and olfactory elegance into a unique symphony. The H2EAU collection, inspired by the pure essence of water and supported by the proprietary microemulsion technology CLEAN RESERVE H2EAU HYDRO-TECTM, presents alcohol-free, water-based perfumes. These subtle yet long-lasting fragrance creations are not only refreshingly different, but also provide the skin with gentle moisturization without sacrificing quality.

CLEAN RESERVE perfumes stand for simple elegance and luxurious ingredients made from consciously selected raw materials that are sustainably grown and processed. Through ecological manufacturing processes, creations that reflect the purity of nature are achieved, true to the maxim: SIMPLE. TRUST. CONSCIOUSLY.

SIMPLE: just the essentials – nothing more.

TRUST: Ingredients and formulas put safety first.

CONSCIOUS: CLEAN RESERVE is always aware of the responsibility it has in terms of its impact on the planet – and its inhabitants.

As a proud sponsor of EARTHDAY.ORG’s Protect Our Oceans campaign, CLEAN RESERVE supports an initiative that raises awareness of the importance of protecting our oceans and their inhabitants.

Brilliant Peony

The characteristic combination of pink peonies opens the fragrance, developing gently into a subtly sweet and floral heart. Musk and sandalwood complete the composition, giving the fragrance a lasting intensity and making it an accompanying touch of freshness throughout the day.

Musk Noir

Inspired by a magical night, this fragrance captivates all the senses with its signature black musk, accompanied by subtle notes of lily and violet, creating a seductive elegance. An intoxicating scent of fine vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood enchants the senses and makes this fragrance an unforgettable experience.

Nectarine Petal

Delicious nectarine roams a wild garden of golden chamomile and peach blossoms before settling into a radiant blend of sweet amber and musk.

Water Lotus

Exotic water lilies soaked in a pond of cucumber water give the scent a unique freshness. A subtle fusion of lily of the valley and peonies, paired with pure amber and gentle musk, creates a delicate, floral allure that enchants anyone.