With plant stem cells we hold the key to successful anti-aging. The 100% plant-based argan stem cell extract is the first cosmetic active ingredient that has a proven protective effect on real dermal stem cells and is able to achieve profound skin rejuvenation.

The cells are taken from the leaves of the very hardy and rare argan tree and stored in the laboratory thanks to a novel
Plant cell culture technology sustainably reproduced.

The unique, natural-based formula is thanks to the 100% plant-based ARGAN STEM CELL EXTRACT
able to maintain and increase the skin’s own stem cells in the dermis
activate, which divide more and more slowly as we get older.

Plant stem cells protect the DNA of our cells, stimulate cell renewal and strengthen the skin structure.

With nice consequences:

The complexion appears smoother, more radiant and firmer. Innovative high-performance active ingredients are used in a “magical” way in perfect synergy. They plump up the cells from the inside out, tighten the contours of the face, reduce wrinkles and give the skin a pleasant, firm and radiant feeling!

In short, the new anti-aging complex from Argan Research 2.0 ensures profound rejuvenation of your skin.

The highly concentrated care with natural ROSE WATER contains the first cosmetic plant ingredient that helps to activate the vitality of dermal skin cells and preserve their cellular properties.

The effect is reinforced by special high-dose messenger peptides, which are able to support the activation of the skin’s own repair processes.

VEGETABLE OLIGOSACCHARIDES help to improve the skin’s texture, smooth wrinkles and thus give the skin new tone and elasticity.

A SKIN-IDENTICAL LIPID CONCENTRATE provides the skin with more moisture and increases skin protection.

An active ingredient complex made from long and short chain HYALURONIC ACID promotes moisture penetration of the skin and helps irritations
due to environmental influences.

PANTHENOL (provitamin B5) has an anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect.