6 Pairs of Shoes Every Man Should Own by Paisley Hansen


The love of shoes is generally a characteristic associated with women, but there’s little doubt that men appreciate style as well. Besides, an assortment of shoes are a necessity. After all, every sport requires its own specialty shoe, and so should various social functions and occasions.

Whether you’re attending a black-tie event or playing frisbee in the park, the best shoe is the one that combines comfort with elegance. Outside of the needs of specific sports, here are five shoe stylish styles that every man should have on hand in his closet.

1. Business Casual

When you need a good everyday work shoe, you’ll want to choose a shoe that is up to any unplanned challenges. If you live in the city, your day at the office could turn into a walk for several blocks when the traffic is bad. A shoe that looks dressy but has the springiness of an athletic shoe is a good choice, so consider a pair of brown leather sneakers that will fit your business-casual style while still providing comfort and elegance.

2. For the Beach

Whether your beach is oceanside or at the lake, nothing beats the feel of fresh air on your toes. Flip flops have survived the ages, but they do little to support your arches or protect your soles from shards of rock.
Fortunately, these days many sandal options combine the freedom of the flip flop with a thick, sturdy, form-fitting rubber sole and straps to ensure they don’t float away if you decide to take a quick dip in the waves. Speaking of which, it may be wise to choose a sandal made of natural fabric rather than leather so they don’t crack and break from the harsh mixture of sand and water.

3. Hiking

While hiking shoes don’t exactly come in chic and elegant options, they are a necessity for protecting your feet against the elements as well as ankle strain. For hiking, tennis shoes simply won’t do, as they aren’t designed to battle the diverse terrain and maneuverability that comes with wilderness exploration. For this reason, every nomad should invest in a good pair of hiking shoes in their closet.


4. Sleek and Black

If you’re going to be wearing a black tie, you’re going to need black shoes. The black shoe is the equivalent to the little black dress for women; It’s the go-to for all your outings that require a more refined appearance. Whether it’s a wedding or a night at the opera, a well-made pair of black calf oxfords will complement your million-dollar look. Think in the style of James Bond. While it’s trendy to wear sneakers with your tux, a sophisticated man knows some rules aren’t meant to be shaken or stirred.


5. Gym Shoes

While every shoe on this list provides comfort, if you’re going to be playing racket ball or basketball at the gym, you’ll need a shoe with extra spring. There are many brands of active shoes on the market, and sometimes it’s just a matter of personal taste, but you’d be wise to choose craftsmanship over budget, as not all gym shoes are created equal. A tip for selecting the right shoe would be to read reviews and see how they worked for those who purchased them for a workout that closely resembles your own.


6. For the Home

In the 1920s, men’s house slippers came into style. After a long day at work, it was a treat for the upper-class man to come home and slip into soft shoes lined in flannel or silk. Fortunately, today, house slippers, or house shoes if you prefer, are a luxury that should be enjoyed by every man. Your feet deserve to be pampered and there is simply no better feeling the comfort of soft, unconfining fabric.You can get a pair of house slippers from Del Toro Shoes. While some celebrities have attempted to make fashion faux pas all the rage by taking their slippers to the street, it’s advised you stick to the indoors if you want them to last.