5 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean While Having a Dog by Patrick Adams

Photo by Helena Lopes

Canine companions are the pride and joy of many. Having someone waggling their tail in pure excitement every time they see you and offer unconditional love to you is a life-changing friend to have. Every relationship needs some maintenance and upkeep. For all that dogs provide we want to give them all the best and more in return.

Our homes become their homes where not all of the rules make sense to them. Losing hair or tracking mud comes naturally to a dog, but it’s we who have to clean up the mess. Without breaking your back or doing something drastic like eviting your dog out of your home you can learn to co-exist under the same roof. We bring you some of the best tips on how to do so.

1. Pick the right sofa

Opting for dog or pet-friendly furniture saves you the hustle in the long run. Going for a darker tone makes their hairs that much easier to spot, and darker furniture is easier to maintain as you can identify spots and stains more easily. Because you and your pet are co-existing together, a fusion in the form of style and function is needed. Once you slouch back and your dog joins you on the sofa, it will all be worth it.

2. Automatic vacuum

There are far better things to do than vacuum all day, every day, behind your dog. A given fact is that your dog will get things dirty, but you can outsource the cleaning up to technology. Automatic vacuums scoop, clean and tidy up the floor with your minimal involvement. At worst, you will need to apply some moping to the most persistent stains. Which is a lot better than manually vacuuming your apartment every two days. With all that newfound free time on your hands, you will be able to spend more quality time with your little bundle of fur and joy!

3. Regular cleaning

Consistency trumps chance. When you leave your chores to pile up, it only leads to disaster and horror stories that you heard. Regular maintenance of your car, healthy, home or just about anything is how you keep the lid on chores pilling up. Bit by bit, you clean up and tidy up contributes to the overall picture you are trying to achieve. For every occasion, it’s good to have a plan B, which can be fast and expert carpet cleaning Tamworth service to back you up.

Every dog owner has far better things to do than to break his/her back on carpet cleaning, where you want to get every piece of hair and dirt out. Add to that the fact that most dogs change their hair at least two times a year (some breeds do this more frequently), and you will see how this investment pays off for itself.

4. Outdoor mats save indoor floors

All dogs love to spend time outdoors, that’s a given. It is vital for their health and wellbeing. But, that’s also the place from which they drag the most dirt. Dogs that lead an active outdoor life can continue to do so and a proper door mat can keep dirt, and God knows what outside. A good doormat is your first line of defence which will make your indoor cleaning much more enjoyable and easier.

5. Tools for the job

Don’t wait to run out of cleaning supplies. Any stains or mess made by your dog only get worse over time. Clean them as earliest as possible and stock up! Latex gloves, sprays, tools, cleaning agents and others should always have a backup so that you don’t have to worry if you are equipped for the job or not.

We hope that the above suggestions help you and your dog co-exist under the same roof. Such incredible canine companions deserve all of our love and affection. With a bit of care, adjustment and a proactive attitude, anything is possible. We wish you all the best!