5 Vaping Tips and Tricks to Make Your Life Easier by Grace Hawkins

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Vaping is taking the world by storm for being a better alternative to smoking. If you’ve entered the vaping scene, there is a lot you need to know. Vaping can amaze you if you practice correctly and have the right tips. Today, modern vape technology makes it easy to quit smoking for good. They are odorless, easily portable, and available in different packaging. These tips and tricks can help you start and manage your vaping experience with confidence.

Begin with a starter kit

If you are new to vaping, begin with a starter kit before moving to more advanced devices. Beginner vape kits have simple features ideal for a vaping novice. You need a vape, battery, coil, atomizer, and e-liquids for the starter kit. Start with a device that has a similar feel to a conventional cigarette before transiting. Jumping straight into advanced devices can overwhelm any inexperienced vaper.

Although vaping may seem intuitive, learn the correct vaping technique with your beginner kit. It can excruciate moving from smoking to vaping if you lack the basic skills. Once you gain enough experience, you will know what features in a kit are better.

A beginner kit is more intuitive and will introduce you to the vaping scene. For example, Aspire breeze kit contains everything you need to start your vaping journey. Therefore, get a high-quality beginner vape kit that will give you the best experience. The last thing you want is to go into the advanced device, get it wrong, and have a terrible first experience.

Experiment with flavors

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There is so much you can do with vaping and have maximum enjoyment. However, the way your vape tastes has an immense influence on your overall experience. You will find dozens of flavors, including strawberry, mint, menthol, and apple. Begin with what you know and proceed from there. For example, start with tobacco flavor to give you the same experience of cigarette smoking. Once you are confident with vaping, move to other flavors.

Before setting down on a favorite flavor, experiment with all the options. The goal is to have maximum enjoyment. For example, consider mixing up the flavors if you can’t figure out the best one. 

Regularly maintain your kit.

Most people abuse their kits to irreversible damage, failing to clean or replace the batteries. This often results in a bad vaping experience. Ensure you vape with a clean tank at least once every week for the ultimate experience. Hence, clean and empty your e-tank regularly to avoid any nasty flavors and unpleasant taste. Gently wash the tank in warm water and allow it to dry.

Also, learn how to replace coils and refilling liquids depending on your vaping routine. Keep track of the amount of vaping juice you use and how often you need to refresh the tank. The more you vape, the more regular you should maintain your device.

Also, replace the battery every time you notice dents or any damage. Always practice good battery safety since they can be dangerous when misused. When purchasing a vape, go for rechargeable batteries to make your habit economical. This part of device maintenance will give you the ultimate experience with your device.

Find an ideal PG/VG ratio.

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If you need the throat hit from your vaping device, find the correct VG/PG level. For example, e-liquids with 100 VG create smoother and thicker hits than low-value VG juices. Depending on the throat hit you want, select a low/high VG for a better quality smoke and a minor throat hit.

The only way to achieve this experience is to get premium liquids. Low-grade e-juice with impurities has a nasty taste. Therefore, purchase high-grade liquids with pure nicotine. Also, shake your juice before refilling the tank to ensure all ingredients properly gel. A good VG/PG mixture provides a smoother vaping experience from the first to the last draw.

Have backup set at hand

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You can never be sure when your batteries will die. The trick is to have a backup set at hand to avoid waiting for hours to get the next hit. Ensure you have enough supplies for the duration of your trip or adventure before you return home. A downside of vaping is that you can’t go to your local grocery store to buy a pack.

Find out what you need for a particular duration and carry the supplies. For example, know how long your batteries last and how often you go through e-liquid. If it can’t last a day, plan by carrying backups to avoid going a long time before getting a hit. The kit should include spare coils, a charged battery, and an e-liquid. Also, ensure you have enough e-liquid in your tank to avoid the nasty taste of a dry hit.

The Bottom Line

The growing popularity of vaping is an overall good thing in reducing the harmful effects of smoking. If you have an interest, these vaping tips and tricks will put you on the right path. Get a high-quality device that will give you the best vape experience and start small. You can only enjoy vaping if you avoid skimping too much on your first attempt. The best part about vaping is that you can experiment with anything, from flavors to devices and hits. As you continue to vape, you will level up and become an expert in using different devices.