5 Tips to make walking my cat safe and pleasurable by Maggie Holmes

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Cats are naturally curious animals and they enjoy spending time outside, playing and exploring. However, letting your cat roam outside is not such a safe option as it carries plenty of dangers including poisonous plants, dangerous animals and unpredictable traffic. As much as many cat owners want to make their cat happy, they want it to be safe and healthy more. Even though dogs are animals that are more predisposed for walks, the same can be done with cats. The most important thing is to know how to do that safely. Take a look at how to walk your cat on a leash.

Ease your cat into it

All the most useful tips for walking your cat safely suggest letting it get familiar with the process. Your cat needs time to get used to this idea, and that’s why you should take it slowly. First, you should let your cat get to know the harness. Purchase one that is meant for cats, as those for dogs won’t be suitable. Next, leave the harness lying around your home. Then, when your cat is familiar with it, strap it on and try walking it around your home. Give it some time to get used to it. Give it some treats and rewards in turn. It needs to relate it with some pleasant and enjoyable experiences. Note that this can be very difficult for some cats, so be patient.

Purchase an appropriate harness and leash

It is crucial to get the right harness and leash. There are specially designed harnesses for cats, as they can easily slip out of those made for dogs. Besides this, you should also be careful of how you put the harness on your cat. Remember that it must fit perfectly in order to ensure safety and enjoyment. It shouldn’t be too loose nor too tight. It should be maximally comfortable. You can choose from so many kinds, colours and patterns to go with your cat’s personality.

ID your cat

Another important thing to consider when taking your cat outside is IDing it. You never know what kinds of unpredictable things can happen when outside, so it’s always better to be sure that if you do lose your cat in some case, that it can easily be identified. The best way to do this is to choose one from a myriad of great cat id tags and to put it on your cat’s collar. You can put some basic information on it such as its name, your phone number, or the address. This is the best way of finding your cat if it gets lost or slips out of its harness somehow.

Be aware of poisonous plants

Outdoors can be a dangerous place for a cat because of a few reasons. One of those reasons is different kinds of poisonous plants. As cats enjoy exploring the surroundings, they can easily encounter some poisonous plants that can harm them. That’s why you should be extra careful about some toxic plants such as English Ivy, Tulip, Oleander, among others. Do your research and find out which ones are typical for your local area. Be mindful of where you let your cat wander and what it tries to ingest.

Give your cat some treats

When training your cat for walking, you should always reward appropriate behaviour with some treats. In that way, your cat will associate the harness with something positive such as tasty treats. Some experts on cat training emphasize the importance of giving your cat some treats while adjusting the leash as it will distract its attention from strapping on the harness.

Taking your cat safely for a walk has plenty of advantages, some of them being great physical and mental exercise as well as overall health.

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