5 marketing trends to look after in 2021

Photo by Canva Studio from Pexels


Today we will share with you five new trends in the digital marketing world. 2021 will be very interesting in terms of digital space growth. 

Video streaming and influencer marketing

Influencers capture the attention of the audience not only in their traditional spheres by placing advertising posts in their accounts. They are actively appearing on streaming platforms to create live content with human emotions. The integration of live streaming, usage tips and on-stream shopping opportunities will continue to evolve in 2021 and grab the attention of audiences, especially those that need a recommendation from someone they trust. Twitch is the biggest streaming platform. Buying Twitch followers is the best way to gain more trust and popularity in the community. 


The pandemic has highlighted the need for any company to be present in both offline and online environments. This is not only a business requirement in order to thus provide itself with the best stability in the market, despite all sorts of external threats, but also access to a different level of customer service. It has already become their habit to combine their purchases in different environments, depending on the circumstances. 

For companies, it is important not only to provide service of the same quality online and offline, but also to preserve the privileges for regular customers, regardless of their choice of channel. This means that businesses must customize their marketing processes to put the customer at the center of their communications with him, to ensure his identification regardless of the environment, location, device used, etc. Seamless engagement is the main thing that all digital marketers will be puzzling over in 2021.

Communication interactivity

Another trend that emerged during the period of isolation is the interactive form of interaction with the audience. All kinds of restrictions on movement, the transition to a remote work format – all these are the reasons that people are more interested in human communication. It is important for them not only to be passive listeners, but also to participate in the discussion, to be heard. This forms a request for interactivity, discussion of any brand communications from its consumer audience. 

The beginning of the end of A/B testing 

A/B testing was and still remains an excellent tool for testing hypotheses, where the marketer does not have sufficiently reliable knowledge and builds his conclusions mainly on the basis of intuition. But with the development and expansion of predictive analytics, this way of validating marketing decisions will become a waste of time and budget. The high accuracy of predictions of machine algorithms will save marketers from the need to check them, but will be a direct guide to action. In 2021, this trend will noticeably manifest itself. 

Era stories

Story content only lives for 24 hours. However, it has a huge potential for engaging the audience and introducing interactive forms of interaction with it. Despite the short life cycle, the attention to such ephemeral content from the side of users is enormous. It is not for nothing that literally all social media platforms are implementing Stories functionality. This is a new opportunity for digital marketers to get creative to keep users in a state of constant attention to the brand. 

At the end of the review, the main trend of 2021 should be outlined. Certainly, companies‘ spending on digital promotion methods will continue to grow. Digital marketing plays a large and significant role in business development, despite the fact that, in general, marketing budgets may undergo optimization due to the difficult economic situation around the world.