5 Great and Stylish Bedroom Ideas for Men by Sarah Smith

Image by Ferenc Keresi from Pixabay

If you’re a man and you’re married, you’ll agree that you usually don’t have much say in your house decor. In most cases, if not all, the majority of the rooms don’t reflect your personality, but that of both of you.

However, if you’re a single male, you’ll have more control over the interior design of your home, especially your sleeping abode. You can create the appearance and feel that you want. Doing this is essential because the area you settle in after a long day should offer respite, calm your mind and spirit, and rest your weary body.

Designing this room is different from the rest of the house because it mirrors your character and identity, so you need to put more thought into it.

Your slumber space should also be conducive to falling asleep and sleeping well. Quality rest is essential to optimal health.

Here are five tips on how to create a stylish and restful bedroom to help with your design project.

Minimalist Style

Men usually want their sleeping quarters to be simple-looking, functional, and comfortable. They often have little furniture and decorative items.

When they do furnish and decorate the space, it’s to let visitors know who they are as a person. That’s the approach you should take. Sometimes, less is more.

Color Scheme

Males prefer masculine shades that are natural. Using gray in the bedroom makes it look stylish. You can combine it with black to create an elegant appearance.

If you’re concerned that the room lacks light colors, place a mirror above the bed headboard. It’ll give your space a more expansive look. You can also add other tones, accents, and elements to enhance its features.

Did you know that hues can create the optical illusion of spaciousness in an area?

Mattress Choice

A firm mattress is necessary to support your back and spine while you sleep. It’ll also give you an excellent night’s rest so you’ll wake up refreshed.

There’s another reason for choosing the right bed besides offering a quality slumber experience. If love-making comes to mind, you’re spot-on. Having poor support during your intimate moments can make the activity very uncomfortable, even painful.

If you search for the best mattress for sex, you’ll be surprised at the number of available options.

Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay


There’s no need to go shopping and spend loads of money. All it takes is a bit of creativity, and you can add touches of style to your bedroom.

A thick rug can provide a textured look in a space with smooth and flat surfaces. It’ll also bring about a sense of warmth in the room.

If you’re an art collector, display pieces from your collection to show off your class. You could hang a painting on the wall or place a sculpture in the appropriate spot to enhance that area.

Furniture and Lights

Furniture shouldn’t be a space filler. Instead, choosing the right type can accentuate the room. For example, a large armoire or a bookshelf can be excellent additions to your bedroom.

Trendy hanging lights can brighten your corners in more ways than one. If your abode is large, a chandelier might do the trick.

Personal Taste

These suggestions should serve as a guide to get you thinking about decorating or renovating your present abode. Ultimately, it’s where you’ll spend almost a third of your life.

Take the opportunity to express your personality and not be like everyone else. You should be able to step into your bedroom and say to yourself, “this is me.”