4 Ways Students Can Achieve Positive Peer Pressure


The first picture that comes to mind at the mention of peer pressure is someone giving into bad vices such as drug abuse to fit into the friendship circle. You remember those movies where a teenager would sneak out to go drinking with friends to look cool. In your life as a student, you will also be given enough talks about negative peer pressure.

However, we often forget that peer pressure does not always have to be involved with negative behaviors. It can also entail positive habits. In particular, it is when an individual’s peers influence them to grow or do constructive things.

A peer’s advice is always more influential to an adolescent than an adult’s advice. Hence, students need to be equipped with traits that make them good influencers. It will help in affecting the friends they make. The article, therefore, explores some methods teachers and students can use to achieve positive peer pressure.

Do Not Give in to Bullying

Bullying has been going on in schools for decades now and is the primary source of negative peer pressure. Vuly 20 inch bikes can often encourage peers to spend time and grow together. If you notice some bad energy from your buddies, you should walk away immediately.

Some students even get to the point of entertaining suicidal thoughts. Giving in to bullies is accepting negative peer pressure since you will be manipulated into doing things that do not depict your real character.

Sometimes, even your friends can bully you. Therefore, you need to create a circle of friends who only challenge you to be better. If you notice some bad energy from your buddies, you should walk away immediately.

It is wrong to stay silent when you are being bullied. Speak up and confide in someone who can help prevent it. Teachers and parents can be the best people to help you out of such situations. By standing up against bullying, you will be giving room for positivity in your life, and you will be able to open up to healthy friendships.

Find Accountability Friends

One thing that students fear is responsibility. Being held accountable for their actions is often met with being defensive and giving excuses. Therefore, it is not something we expect students to develop without having someone to keep them in check. Thus, to get used to being responsible, one can find an accountability circle of friends.

The friends check up on each other and push each other to work on their goals. An example is when you always feel lethargic when writing essays, and you prefer finding an essay writer to do it. Your friends can encourage you to do the assignment yourself and even help you where you get stuck.


Strive to Be a Good Example to Others

Sometimes, we may be doing bad things since nobody cares about what we do or is watching. Therefore, you need to know you are influential to others the same way you think other people influence your behavior.

Hence, by just directing your thoughts to do the right things, you’ll attract friends who also like doing things rightly. Similarly, your good behavior will repel the bad friends, and thus you will be creating positive peer pressure.

Find a Positive Role Model

Role models give robust influence since one is challenged to become like their role model or even better. Consequently, it keeps one grounded. Role models do not have to be way older than you or people who have achieved a lot in their careers.

You can pick a fellow student whose behaviors and focus you admire. Chose to emulate them or let them help you transform into the best version of yourself. Ensure you select a person who challenges you to think positively only.

Younger people’s brains are hypersensitive to other persons’ opinions and criticisms, especially from their age mates. Hence, the reason why most of them give in to peer pressure. Therefore, you can use this to your advantage by having a social circle that influences you positively. It includes having role models who are your peers.

Final Take

Positive peer pressure can eliminate many bad behaviors in schools, such as excessive drinking, rudeness, violence, and much more. Further, it can give students a sense of belonging and even boost their self-esteem. Therefore, you should ensure you keep a circle of friends with whom you share the same goals and values. That way, you can help each other grow and achieve more. Knowing when to walk away from an unhealthy friendship will also open your mind to the importance of joining positive social circles.