3 Marijuana Strains For Good Health by Grace Hawkins

Image par David Cardinez de Pixabay

Natural healing is all about incorporating salubrity in physical and mental spheres. Also, the herbal remedies are devoid of side effects and induce top-notch well-being in no time. If you’re in search of marijuana strains linked with health benefits, then search no more. With more than hundreds of cannabis strains rich in cannabidiol, you can get your hands on the suitable one without any hassles. Marijuana varieties that ease physiological processes contain high levels of endocannabinoids, like CBD. Also, it acts on the endocannabinoid system to enhance the holistic wellness of your body. The mail order marijuana strain that you buy should always be of the highest quality and be bought from a trusted online dispensary.

Here are the top marijuana strains that boost your immunity and promote wellness in every dimension.


Here’s the cannabis strain that belongs to the indica variety and possesses extraordinary health benefits. Pennywise is a potent strain with CBD dominance and relaxing effects on the body. It emerges after a cross between the harlequin and jack the ripper strains of marijuana. Also, it provides a rich coffee essence coupled up with peppery tones and bubblegum like the taste. Due to the high levels of cannabidiol, it emerges to be a therapeutic strain with the capability to ease many health conditions. But, make sure to get your hands on the authentic variety for extra effects.


It helps in treating joint-related inflammations like arthritis, gout, or other related conditions. Cannabidiol acts on the endocannabinoid system to relieve exaggerated immune responses and incorporates analgesic effects on the body.

Also, the strain might help you tackle mental disorders. The type can relieve many psychological troubles from the traumatic attacks of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to excessive restlessness and anxiety.

You can use the Pennywise Buds for neurological troubles arising from the impairment of the electrical activity. Some nervous disorders like epilepsy, sclerosis, and parkinsonism might subside with regular use of the strain.


In case you’re looking for a relaxing and therapeutic cannabis strain, then harlequin is the right choice. It’s a Sativa-dominant strain with high levels of cannabidiol that imparts health benefits. On the tasting notes, the strain reflects an earthy and mango-like indulgence with the best analgesic properties. Whether it’s a chronic pain due to systemic illness or anxious thoughts, you might consider the harlequin strain for many diseases.

Not to forget, the strain arises from the lineage of Colombian Gold and possesses reliable healing properties. Don’t forget to get your hands on the perfect quality harlequin for faster effects. Some health ailments that harlequin might work on are anxiety, depression, pain, and excessive inflammation.

The marijuana strain does wonders for chronic painful sensations arising from inflammatory disorders or long-standing injury. It acts on your brain and interacts with the cannabinoid receptors to incorporate relief from pain.

Along with the pain, it works for mental health disorders as well. Due to the high levels of cannabidiol, it stimulates your brain receptors to release serotonin neurotransmitters. As a result, you experience a sense of comfort and wellness.


Image par David Cardinez de Pixabay

For all the fitness enthusiasts out there, kryptonite strain can be a life-changing variety. The variety of cannabis is an indica-dominant one with mild-euphoria and ultimate relaxing effects on the body. You might consider the strain after a long day or to curb the post-workout stress. Also, the strain incorporates a musty odor, tropical fruit-like flavors, and sweet essence. You can use the variety for restlessness, depression, or other mental disorders. Along with this, the calming effects bring out the best sedation and help you sleep like a baby. Other health benefits include analgesic effects, stress-relief, and better bedtime.


It induces a tranquilizing effect on the body and aid in refreshing sleep. You can consider the strain for insomnia or inconsistent sleeping patterns. Also, the cannabidiol helps in rectifying your biological clock and induces healthy sleep habits.

In case you suffer from severe anxiety and traumatic flashbacks, you must consider the cannabis strain. It acts on the brain and helps in preventing the flashbacks without any hassles.

Some inflammatory conditions and headaches also subside with prolonged usage of kryptonite strain. It stimulates the CB1 & vanilloid receptors to tackle the exaggerated inflammation. Further, it also curbs the cluster headache and migraines arising from the inflammatory responses in your body.

Bottom Line

When it comes to holistic wellness, natural remedies and herbs provide the utmost relief and relaxation. Cannabis strains that are rich in cannabidiol help in alleviating a variety of health ailments. From the excessive pains to restlessness and depression, you can get rid of many psychological manifestations with the right marijuana strain. Try out the therapeutic abilities of harlequin to curb chronic pain and mental symptoms. Along with this, you must get your hands on the CBD-dominant strains like pennywise and kryptonite for holistic well-being.