Sergey Sheptun shot by Igor Yermakov

„I am a photographer from Kyiv, Ukraine (not professional but enthusiastic).

I have had great pleasure working with Sergey, a Ukrainian model and photographer living in New York. I really impressed with our collaboration results and am proud to share these photos.
Sergey, as a model, is amazingly sensual, plastic and gives a huge number of great opportunities for the photographer to incarnate his vision. Just these skills, in my opinion, let Sergey, as a photographer, to shoot excellent men images. Sergey is absolutely professional to express his feelings and as well to show the feelings and beauty of others.

The shooting session continued only 60 minutes. But it was too enough to include 70 pictures in my book. I really hope on our further cooperation in the future.“

Model: Sergey Sheptun
Instagram: @sergshepard

Photography by: Igor Yermakov
Instagram: @igoryermakov_photography