Good hygiene is your secret to smell fresh and feel confident. A revelation for men by Justin Cody

Image par Luis Wilker Perelo WilkerNet de Pixabay

In my life, I have met so many men who smell horrible. Or worse, they make a mistake of masking their body odor with too much fragrance. I have encountered them in lifts, in concerts, in waiting lines, and other such crowded places where they literally made me gasp for fresh air.
Many men ignore personal hygiene, and I feel bad for their partners and people who stay close to them.

The same goes for men who think they smell amazing by spraying half the bottle perfume on themselves. They don’t realize that body odor, mixed with a strong scent, creates a pungent smell that is quite repulsive.

They stink badly and are clueless about it as people hesitate, pointing the fact to them on their face, sigh!

Although several factors such as heavy perspiration and eating strong-smelling foods like onions make a person smell gross, personal hygiene tops the list of why someone is facing body odor issues. Your grooming game doesn’t encompass the trimming of your facial hair only.
For men who are in denial that they can also smell bad at times, I have some tips which can help tackle body odor issues. Read on to know how taking care of a few basic things will make you smell naturally good, without even wearing a fragrance.

But first,

Do You Know What Causes Body Odor?

Once you understand what actually causes body odor, it will be easier to target the root causes.

Two types of glands produce sweat. The first ones are the Eccrine glands. Found all over the body, they produce mostly odorless sweat.
On the other hand, Apocrine glands are present in armpits, groins, and the eyelids and ears. The sweat they produce has lipids and proteins, the breakdown of which produces odor.

The bacterial decomposition of dead skin cells and the fatty substance sebum causes ill-smelling vapors. As bacteria love moist environments, they thrive in areas prone to sweating like the armpits and between your legs.

Men win at sweating, as even a study has confirmed that men sweat more than their female counterparts.

It turns out that we have not one but two root causes, the sweat, and the bacteria as well.

Remove bacteria by taking a shower daily

Yes, the thought of taking a shower daily must not bother you.
Exfoliation is not only for women. Men also need to scrub their skin at least once a week using a scrubbing brush.

Scrubbing removes dead skin and other odor-causing elements. While taking a bath, clean the skin folds and crevices all over the body, particularly sweat prone areas, to wash away bacteria that may have accumulated in there.

Use a mildly scented body wash to smell fresh afterward. Some body washes and shower gels smell so good that you don’t even need to later wear a cologne.

It is very important to take a shower immediately after a workout. Lounging around in sweaty gym wear means that you are allowing bacteria to sit on your skin for a longer time.

Block any sweat from forming

Applying an antiperspirant or deodorant on your armpits, chest, and the back of your neck is a preventive measure to avoid body odor. But, for heaven’s sake, never apply it without taking a bath.

While deodorant eliminates bacteria to curb body odor, antiperspirant forms a plug on sweat ducts, which means sweat flow is limited for a specific duration. It contains aluminum, which blocks sweat.

When you apply a deodorant or antiperspirant, let it dry for a few minutes before putting on your clothes to avoid staining.

Wear fresh, clean clothing

Poor hygiene habits also include wearing stinky clothing and not doing your laundry correctly. Clothing that absorbs sweat should be tossed into the wash immediately to avoid breeding of bacteria. Sometimes, a quick wash is insufficient to take out body odor completely.

Always turn the clothes inside out before washing so that the places that came in direct contact with sweat can be washed appropriately.
Take special care to wash your undergarments properly as they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Your best bet to avoid body odor is to wear moisture-wicking underwear like MyPackage boxers.

White vinegar is quite effective in taking body odor out of clothes, so you can include a capful in water and soak clothes in it before washing them as usual.

Spraying the right fragrance

A good fragrance indeed makes you look appealing in front of your crush. But, too many squirts of cologne are nothing but offensive. Not only it smells overpowering, but it can also trigger somebody’s migraine.

In the words of David Beckham, „The secret for a good masculine scent is subtlety. Your signature scent should not be overpowering, but something that suits the occasion.“

Wearing too much cologne gives the impression that you want to mask your odor, so less is always more.

Tackle foot odor

Smelly feet are the worst turn off. Wearing thick socks for prolonged periods or not washing your feet properly often leads to this embarrassing situation.

Keep your shoes in direct sunlight at least once a week to keep the insides smelling fresh. Wear clean socks to work every day, and don’t forget to scrub and wash your feet regularly to wash off odor-causing bacteria and dead skin.

Maintain oral hygiene

Everyone hates bad breath. Still, a lot of men don’t pay much heed to their oral hygiene. A little effort in developing oral hygiene will ensure that your breath smells fresh all day.

Brush your teeth twice a day, and don’t forget to clean and scrape your tongue. Apart from that, floss regularly. Flossing will take out any food residue in between your teeth and help them stay plaque-free.
Use an antibacterial mouth rinse once a week to get rid of any leftover bacteria.

Summing Up

These are the few things you need to take care of if you wish to be complimented for smelling nice all the time.
If you need them or know someone who might benefit from them, share the blog with them. I bet you will smell irresistible, and no girl would make a cringing face standing beside you.