Pure Life. That means enjoying life. And design it according to your own ideas. Unbound to place and time. But always connected to the world. Because life and the job go on – with one difference: I decide where and when. A feeling of new independence that “Porsche Design Pure Life” now translates into fragrance. Sparkling. Exciting. Sensual. The perfect counterpart for the man who lives – and loves – this freedom. Confident and calm.

The vision

“With this fragrance I wanted to describe that feeling of independence, of swapping your suit for a linen shirt whenever you see fit,” is how perfumer Marine Ipert describes her vision. A scent that goes with everything and gives you the freedom to enjoy your life. She interpreted this wonderful limitlessness with a fragrance creation that, according to the creator, is “fresh, maritime, but also sensual.”

The smell

Porsche Design Pure Life opens with an accord of bergamot, pink pepper and ginger – a feeling like opening a window. Or the top of a convertible. And with the next deep breath, you notice the scent of fresh sea wind, juniper berries and lavandin. A lightness that does not remain fleeting. Because it gets an elegant signature from cedar wood, incense and musk – and with it its very own magic.